Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things That Bug Me

Yesterday morning, below freezing. This morning somewhat warm. Ahh yes, finally back to a normal spring.
I was getting worried after two weeks of very warm weather after our sorry excuse for a winter that this summer would be a very buggy summer. It still might be if we don't get a few more good really warm days followed by well below freezing nights.

I've noticed in the past when we get well above freezing and it stays that way, that we have more bugs during the summer. But when it gets real warm and then we get overnight freezes, the bugs hatch and then are frozen. That seems to get the population of the pesky little biting, buzzing, drive me crazy swatting at them creatures that think my food is their perch, down to smaller more tolerable levels.

Just a few days ago there were flies hanging out on the south side of my house so heavy that the wall looked like it was crawling. As you would walk by it sounded like a bees nest! That freeze yesterday morning seems to have gotten rid of them.

I just know those pests were just waiting for me to open a window so they could infiltrate my house...

Another pest I have are starlings. While I appreciate birds hanging out and singing me their sweet tunes, I do NOT like starlings. I walked out a few morning ago to find a robins egg laying on my porch broken. I looked up to a nest some robins had built a few days or so before and saw it was ripped to shreds.

In the past I have actually wasted the time to observe what some starlings were doing near a bird house I had built a long time ago. The starlings pecked at the small hole until they got it big enough to get their heads through. They then ripped the nesting material out and tossed the eggs to the ground.
It infuriated me!

The tiny wrens that had built those nests did nothing to the starlings. All they wanted was to eat bugs and sing me their songs while they raised their young. But the big bad nasty starlings want to be nasty dictators and run everyone else off.

Back in the early 80's there was a small crack in the soffit under the eave on the south side of the house. Starlings ripped and tore at that crack until they enlarged it big enough to get in and they started building their nest. They were none to happy when I repaired the hole and threw them out.

Just like in our species, there are good and there are bad. It's a constant struggle to keep fighting against the bad so we can have a peaceful life that we can enjoy.

So before I go entirely buggy I'll say so long for today and get out and about on my chores before the rain the weather guy says is coming gets here.
Have a great day and keep wearing that smile!

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