Monday, February 13, 2012

Thinking Spring

We had another snow storm over the weekend. Once again it didn't amount to much and this morning the sun is shining, so I do believe it will all be gone soon. From some blogs I read from around the world, the snow has moved to the opposite side of the earth from me.

I seem to remember from science classes years ago (yes, we had school way back in the stone age) that the earth not only spins on it's axis but it also wobbles.

I've observed during my life that once we had heavy snows that would begin in late October or November and wouldn't go away until spring. Over the years those kinds of winters have seriously let up. Now it seems we are in that wobble and the snows are now on the other side of the earth.

Those heavy snows occurred in the fifties and sixties. My grandpap told stories of earlier when the snows were even heavier. I've even seen pictures of them.

I suspect that in another thirty or forty years our old winters will be back. But I somehow doubt I will be here to see their return. It is something I think about though.

I have many serious doubts about the global warming scare. Just seems to me that geology proves the earth has been through so many things and has always survived very well. Some species though have not... Can mankind?

On another note the new puppy is here. He took over ownership of my bed last night. Or so he thinks!
Our other two dogs have accepted him well. Aggie the old beagle just stays away from him for the most part. She doesn't have the energy any longer to spend much time around energetic puppies. She checks him out but as soon as he starts getting playful she leaves for quieter places and sleeps.

The big brave (yah right) Pitt Bull Lakai, spends time with the new pup but doesn't seem to think much of him. But then again if it's not a glimmer of light flashing somewhere, Lakai never does think much. Only way to get his attention is to shine a laser light or flash light somewhere. Then he springs into action.

I'm still at a loss for a good name for the pup. So far he just reminds me of sleepy. He'll grow into active soon enough though and maybe then I'll come up with a suitable name.

I've started thinking about the garden. Just wish I had luck with herbs. Some years I have a little luck with some, but most years I don't and end up with nothing but patches of puny, scraggly plants.

Many years I get the feeling I should just give up on herbs, but the hardhead in me keeps trying.
I'm thinking of trying something new this year with them. I saw pieces of rain gutter used to put plants in. They were hung on railings of a porch. I'm thinking that would look neat on the porch railing and would be easy enough to keep watered and tended to daily.

Well, I'm off to get something done today. Have a great day full of smiles and warm loving feelings!

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