Thursday, February 16, 2012

Need Stock In Paper Towels

The floor is all covered with a plastic drop cloth but this puppy is running up the paper towel usage to astronomical proportions!
The two older dogs hide upstairs most of the day. The little guy who is now named Rowdy, is just too full of energy for them.
Lakai the Pitt Bull will play with him but only for a while then even he goes to hide. The big wimp...

When I go out I take the dogs along. The older dogs follow me or take off for a quick run. Rowdy though follows only briefly and then when I get back I find him waiting by the door whimpering to get back in. Guess he doesn't like the snow and mud. It's not really that cold. Heck I don't wear more than a sweatshirt, the heavy coat is just waiting!

Rowdy has been spending the nights in bed with me. He's already figured out how to crawl under the covers on his own and snuggle up all nice and warm. Any movement or noise during the night and his little puppy bark is in high gear. He thinks he's tough...

Two Pitt Bulls and a Beagle and they all cower by me if anyone or anything does come around. Some protection... I'm happy though that they do that. I'd rather have well behaved dogs than not. Just the thought keeps most people away. But after being around Pitt Bulls so long I have very little fear of them. I have more fear of the old Beagle. She is just plain grumpy. But then again as I get older I get grumpier too I guess.

I'm really getting grumpy over the price of fuel oil for the furnace. The thoughts of fuel for the tractors to do the work this year are not making me happy either. I'm seriously wondering if growing the crops to make mash and then building a still would be the way to go. Besides making my own fuel, if anything breaks down I could just sip the fuel and become drunkenly happy!

Well it's time for me to make some lunch and then get back to work, have a great day full of smiles!

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