Monday, February 6, 2012

Here I Am

I seldom complain about illness. It's usually the common cold or some other silly bug that is gone in several days and quite quickly forgotten. But when you are down for several weeks or almost a month it becomes ridiculous.
I still have no clue what exactly was wrong, but I was out of it.

Hospital for tests and x rays full of doctors and all I get is bills. Yes, even they didn't have any good answers. And my normal doctor wonders why I don't go to see him...

After one week of doctors BS I decided to do what I thought would be best and I did it. That was the only thing that started making me feel improvement. All I can say is, thankfully I listened and learned from great grandparents and grandparents. They did not have the luxury of seeing a doctor once a week or even once a year, but they survived.

Whatever I had gave me enough internal pain that I couldn't even think straight. Then I cut the pain pills I use for my aching back because they can cause stomach problems, so there was the added pain of the back. I couldn't even stand the look of food for two weeks.

Now I'm well on the way to being back to normal but I'm waiting to see the bills and the damage they will do to the wallet.
I'm pretty sure that my planned trip to Australia is doomed along with a few somewhat major purchases I had planned for this year. Yup, back to the make do for another year.

But that's life! We make plans and then some dumb thing comes along and messes them up. Life goes on and we try to make plans for another day.
So maybe next year will be the time I can take that trip I've dreamed of for a lifetime.

What made it all worse for me was the weather. Unlike our normal winters with fields covered in feet of snow and winds howling harshly, we have had a winter where the snow falls one day or two and then it gets warm and sunny. Well when it's warm and sunny I like to get outside and do anything. So here I was feeling like crap and looking at the sun streaming through the windows making me feel worse from the desire it gave me to be outside.

Last week I had finally had enough and made the decision that no matter how I was feeling I was going for a four wheeler ride. I went but within half an hour I was back in. At least I broke this jail cell of a house for that long.

I also had my suspicions confirmed of television. What else could I do but watch... Yes, there is nothing really worth watching on that darned idiot box.

To say I'm bored would be a vast understatement! I'm still not quite back to my normal self, but when I start getting grumpy and bitchy I know I'm almost there. That is always a sure sign I want, no need to get out to play. Even a simple walk through the fields and woods or a ride.

Now I just have to try and get back into writing something here on the blog. I was having blogging constipation before this all started. I really need to get out and start doing things again so my mind can contrive ideas to write about.

Well I'm here and still alive so I'll leave you for today with prod to smile and share your smiles!

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