Thursday, February 23, 2012


What can be said?
They come in ages from children to adults.
They care about no one but theirselves.
They will say and do anything to hurt others, even if it's a lie.

Trouble is, they are protected by laws. Some even are employed to uphold the laws. When a police officer is a bully how can you teach your children that police officers are the people to turn to and always trust?

When you lose popularity with a bully they even change their story so they can make you look bad. Then when that bully is a police officer he can sprinkle just enough true fact in the story to make you look like the devil himself.

Then good police officers wonder why the general public is against them. But even they don't do much of anything against bullies. Maybe they can't. Maybe they too are defenseless against bullies. Maybe they too are afraid of bullies. Bullies can and do ruin peoples lives with their lies and selfish ways.

Just over this past weekend I watched a very young boy who was constantly getting yelled at. While the other people were busy talking amongst each other and the children were playing the young boy was the one who was caught when there was any loud noise or other child whining.

I sat and watched.
Even when having conversations I kept the young boy in sight.
After I'd had enough, I explained to the boys mother just what I had observed. Another child would antagonize the boy relentlessly until the boy would fight back. Then this other child would cry out as if being attacked. The young boy would be the one that all eyes were on and would be the one who got scolded.

I've observed events like this over many years. A few times I tried, to no avail, to point this out to teachers and school administration. It never seemed to help. Busy adults would only see what they could when someone cried out and would always assume they caught the right culprit.

Now lets bring this to adulthood. When a police officer that is entrusted to uphold the laws and be a good example is the bully, who would think he wouldn't be telling the truth? Yet the accused and the people who know the accused know different.

Does anyone think they don't spread the word? Do the truly guilty bullies think other people won't talk and spread the word? Do they think that all police officers won't eventually suffer because of their actions?

I have friends that are police officers. It bugs the crud out of me that one bad cop is making it impossible for so many to trust all police officers. And this is just one instance in one small area. Now compound that into every area and many more poor excuses for police officers and you come up with a mess that destroys the reputations of an entire nation of police officers. You come up with many civilians who wouldn't lift a finger to help an officer in need.

Same could be said for every bully. Do you really think that word about your lying humiliating ways doesn't get spread around? Do you not expect that eventually no one will not want to be your friend? No one will come to your defense when you finally do need help?

Eyes everywhere are seeing. People everywhere have a way of remembering. You will come to a point in time that you need help. Will anyone be willing to help you? Or will you find yourself waist deep in trouble and have no one to toss you a lifeline?

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