Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's A Guy To Do

It started snowing around eight this morning. I was done with the morning chores and decided to take a short walk in the snow. As I was walking and the snow was falling, sadness came over me. I despise that!

I can't help but wonder at what age a person quits wondering if they will ever have someone special in their life... But oh well, enough of that.

I mentioned to someone back around Christmas that I really liked a pup they had. Still believing at the time I would not be here in the spring but would be spending a month in Australia, I said I just couldn't take it. Well they decided they would surprise me and keep it until I got back.

Now that finances are going to cause me to cancel the trip I will very soon be bringing another pup into the family.

The pup is another Pitt Bull. He is cocoa brown with a black tail and a face that is black clear to his ears. Seriously looks like he dunked his face into a bucket of black paint. I thought I would name him Coco, but I'm just not sure.

Any ideas of a name would be greatly appreciated.

He has a really laid back disposition. He only nipped once that I was told about. He doesn't mind cats, doesn't mind children and loves to cuddle. I tried to give him a few snacks and he wouldn't even take them from me, he just licked at them. After I placed them on the floor he finally ate them.

I really like that because when children have food in their hands many dogs will just steal it. Breaking a dog of that is a pain and I'm hoping that just keeping him from adopting that habit will be easier.

My poor old Beagle girl has developed some tumors. The Vet wanted to open her up and have a look at them. I had that done once before and was sad because there was nothing that could be done and the dog died even faster.

When I found the one I checked her closely and found others. She doesn't show many signs of pain or discomfort. Only when she moves certain ways does she yelp. She is very slow these days in everything she does except eating. But that could also just be because of age.

So I'll keep her here safe and warm and attend to her in her final days as best as I can. She has been a really great companion and the source of many smiles and laughs. I owe her at least that much.

Now that I know I can't go on my planned trip this year I'm trying to decide if I can go on a shorter trip somewhere. Just don't quite know where...
Somewhere I could do some exploring and fishing would be nice.

Well, it's time to get outta here and do something with the rest of my day so have a smile filled day!
Hmm, maybe a snowman...

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