Friday, February 10, 2012

Anger Over Lies

Disruption, disturbance, upheaval, agitation, turmoil a general pain in the butt.
Not only was I ill over the past month, but there were other problems building. Problems that are not mine yet that may affect my life.
I'm having trouble trying to write anything sensible because my mind is on other things. The other things include anger, worry and a little depression.

Becoming bitter is not an easy thing to keep from doing when life tosses you a really bad curve ball. But I'm doing my best to stay in control of my emotions. I somehow will continue to smile.

I can't really talk about the problems because I will not discuss someone else's problems. That would be for them to make public if they would chose to.
So many times this week I felt like letting my thoughts about it out here.

What I do know and will say is that the universe will not give you problems you can not handle and everything works out in time. Maybe not the way we want them to work out, but they do. Maybe not even in the time we would like, but they do work out.

When bad people do bad things they do get their just deserts in time. When they do them to someone else they pay dearly. I have seen that work.

Someone I knew a long time ago told some lies that really hurt someone else and caused them some legal problems. The person that was lied about has a relatively good and happy life. The liars seem to go from one devastating problem to the next and are never happy. It actually got to the point that I felt very sorry for the liar.

Patience is the thing you need to dwell on and pray for. That and the forgiveness of the person who did what they did to you.

If in some way you try and take vengeance, the universe has a way of punishing you.

So for my friend I am praying for their patience. I am praying that they will find the strength to wait this out no matter how long it will take or what may happen before the universe has it's say.

But my worry for my friend is something that right now is driving me up the walls and right outta my mind.

So if I should happen to miss a day here and there with the blog, please know my thoughts are with you all and I sure do want you to smile!
Have a great weekend!

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