Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Teach a while and make a smile

My daughter who is alone now, raising two children by herself, needed a new light hung above her kitchen sink.
Normally my son helps his sister when she needs something done. He was working when she called so feeling this bad case of wintertime blues I knew I had to leave the warm comfort of home and do something.

When my son helps he's like many people and does it for her.
I on the other hand believe in the old saying:

“Give a man a fish and he eats for the day. Teach a man to fish and he eats forever.”

So instead of just doing it for her, I had her come and help. Did what I could to teach her as I was doing and left her do much of what I felt she could. All the while she watched, helped and learned.

Some believe women can't or shouldn't do home repairs and remodeling.
That is just not true.

Over the years I had women working along with me while running my business. After teaching them, they often outworked men. Did a nicer job and were cleaner while working. Paid much more attention to detail.

When tasks demanded strength I'd ask them to use they're minds to figure out how to handle it. Sometimes I'd help them along while learning to use their minds instead of their bodies. I'd enforce what I believe in.

“Anything the mind can conceive and believe in, can be achieved.”

Need to lift a heavy item that is too cumbersome for one? Levers and blocking, raising one end at a time is the way to go.
There are times when it takes two to move some things. Then is when you seek help. Of course there are times when help is handy that you simply ask for that help to move the job along faster.

I and my son are still here to help but by teaching her, should the time ever come that she needs to do something alone she can.

Why do for, when you can teach how?

Teaching and helping others helps builds their self confidence. Along with that self confidence comes a healthy attitude and smile.

Teaching your daughter helps show she “needs” no man, but can have one if and when she wants. And that she doesn't have to settle for a sorry excuse of a man just to have one to do things.
That too should allow her to keep a smile.

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