Monday, January 6, 2014

He Was Warned

I told him if he didn't behave what would happen. I told him when he acted up that I'd do it or have someone else do it. He's heard it so many times I think he doesn't believe me!

Well last Monday I took Rowdy to the vet. Had his shots updated and he had a pre surgery check up. He goes back in later this week to have his load lightened. Neutered, castrated. Yup, to have his family jewels removed.

Hopefully that will drop the testosterone levels enough that he's not so pushy and aggressive with Lakai. He's also beginning to pick up on the far away scents of little girl dogs wafting through the air. I don't want to be a doggy grandpap!

With all the unwanted, unloved, uncared for dogs in the world I also feel it's the responsible thing to do as a dog lover and owner.
He may not feel so loved and wanted when I drop him off for his stay. Might not feel very cared for when he doesn't get to shove me out of bed sleep with me for a few nights.
But these feelings too shall pass.

I asked the vet if I could also drop off my son. He said if I can get him in there he'll take care of that too. Somehow though I don't think I can drag that gorilla through the door...

There was a day I could or had to pick him up and take him everywhere. Those days are long past now. Heck, as I've grown older he's grown stronger and bigger! And wow does he have a mind of his own. Too bad he so seldom seems to use it... Ahh, but there was a day I was young and foolish myself.

Bet there were some who thought I should have been castrated.
Heck there are some I think should be neutered. Bet ya there are some women who think their guys should be castrated!

At least think about having your pets neutered.
Do you want puppies or kittens?
Would you want the offspring of your pets running wild in the streets?

Sure it costs some cash to have it done. But in the long run isn't it better than having puppies and kittens in your home to only end up being unwanted and unloved?
It is the responsible thing to do.

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