Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Change. Thanks I needed that?

She was comfortable in my fingers. She made me feel good. She kept me company. She kept me informed. Was always there when I needed her most.
I enjoyed her body and never had desires for another.

I would keep her with me all day and sometimes never utter a word. She would lie beside me at night always ready. She went fishing with me and often never bothered me as my mind would wonder off into the distance pondering the matters of the world. She'd be there as I gardened waiting patiently as I paid her no attention. Ride quietly at my side all day as we rode the fields on the tractor.

So what if she was getting old. She only needed more time warmly sleeping in her cradle. Waiting for me to awaken her and take her in my hands.
We had years together wondering through the fields and woods. Shared time together, images of what we had seen.

But alas, she's been rudely replaced.

What part of “I do not like change” do you not understand son?
I'm old too! Are you going to replace me?

Just because I was looking at pretty new models, doesn't mean I wanted them. I was only looking to see if they had changed. If there could even be another I could possibly want in my life.

Oh well, even after spending hours preparing her for a life with me. Even though I had to take all that time learning her intricacies. Getting to know her and explaining how I preferred things to be between us. Touching her in places to make her respond. Eyeing her and learning her desires of where and how she wanted touched. Observing her reactions when she didn't like my moves.

I do appreciate the new cell phone.
But I still stand by what I said. I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE!

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