Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Wow what a night.

After taking Rowdy and dropping him off at the Vet for surgery last evening, I actually got a night of having the bed to myself and not having to fight for space!

Have to say though that I kinda missed having that lummox staring at me when I woke up. Kinda wonder too what was going through his mind last night while being away from home for the first time.

When I dropped him off at the Vet's I made the remark that I could have saved a lot of cash if I'd have left him outside the night before. They all chuckled.

Two mornings in a row I had to thaw pipes for my kitchen water. I have an idea of how to ward off that problem but when the weather is warm who thinks of freezing pipes? Besides that what contractor or retired contractor has a house that doesn't need some work...
When you have done something every working day, you just don't want to do it when you are home.

Simply re-plumbing those two lines and moving them only a matter of inches I'm certain will stop them from freezing when the weather gets below zero and the wind howls. What's causing the problem is when they were run way back in the twenties, they were run right against the outside stone foundation wall.

Later when grandma wanted her kitchen remodeled the pipes were hidden by new carpentry. Ever since the pipes have not been able to take advantage of the heat inside the house. So every year since, someone from the family has had to thaw those pipes on days when the weather gets to be it's most bitter and miserable.

Seriously all it would take is about two hours of work and a few new pieces of iron pipe. Rerouting them straight up instead of over the top of the wide stone foundation to the outer wood wall and turning them neatly higher under the cabinet would fix the problem. Only a few new short nipples would have to be purchased. Two holes would have to be drilled and two old holes plugged.
But will I remember to do that once the weather warms and I get busy outdoors? Probably not. It will come back to me next winter though and make me want to give myself a kick in the rump.

When the sun moves higher in the sky and warms things up it's so easy to get lost in the farming and gardening. Taking hikes in the green fields and spending time with the wildlife. So simple to forget about the things indoors that bother you and aggravate you during the winter.

Hmm, maybe I should get a huge piece of fluorescent orange poster board. In big black letters write “FIX THE PIPES DUMMY” on it and tape it over my favorite kitchen window.

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