Friday, January 17, 2014

Can't wait to get out of here

It's bad enough that crops won't grow and there's little to do. Bad enough that an older body hurts from years of overwork and abuse and can no longer tolerate nor enjoy the cold of winter.

Yet being somewhat confined to your home becomes feeling imprisoned. Time passes, plans for spring have been made, thought about and re planed. Then all that's left is realizing how alone you are.
The loneliness grows.
The emptiness flourishes.

For Valentines day I've decided to ask the first mermaid I catch while fishing along streams, rivers and lakes to come home and be mine. : )

When idle the mind does tend to wonder to that which we feel would make life better, then dwell on what we long for.

Yes. I simply can't wait to get on with my month long escape!

Getting out and doing what you enjoy doing always helps to appease the mind. Brings out the smiles instead of tears.

Finding someplace...
What do you do or intend to do to to keep your mind from crying the blues?

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