Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wish The Lawn Had My Lack Of Energy

It's been a very long week with all the clean up, preparing of the ground, planting seed, and doing last minute, unexpected repairs.
It's the weekend, I'm tired and could use a break. But do I get a break? A little time off for some rest or fun.

There is that darned lawn that is almost tall enough to make hay. So that needs mowed.
Don't know why I decided to keep so much mowed and looking nicely trimmed. It now takes a good eight hours to do all the mowing. Eight hours and over five gallons of gas. With the price of gas so high I'm beginning to give all that nicely trimmed grass some second thought.

Some might just look very nice if it were planted to wildflowers and only needed mowed once a year when the flowers are done blooming. Some could be included as pasture. All I'd have to do is move the fence rows a few feet.
Along the road I could do like many neighbors do and just let the grasses and weeds grow. The township mows that once a year.

But no. I like to keep things looking nice.
It's so pleasant to see when I come home after being away shopping, visiting, fishing or just out for the day. It's a full days work every week though trying to keep it looking nice.

That's the problem with cutting grass in the spring. Once you begin you have to keep doing it until winter!

As I get older and spend more evenings sitting around that yard than I do running out and about I can now see places I should have planted some trees for shade when I was younger. But when I was younger I didn't think about the days I'd be older and spending more resting time here. And sadly neither did the five generations of family who were here before me...

Wonder if I should do that for the future generations of my offspring.
They too, while they are young, will never imagine the day they get old and want to spend time at home when not working instead of going out and about.
The days when you realize it takes as much or more energy to do that as it does for work.

I have made a resting decision.
There is that old swing set I built for the kids when they were younguns. I thought about building a two seat swing and hanging it on there. Well as I was looking at it one day and thinking about that I changed my mind.

Seems there are times I don't want to swing but instead just sit and relax. Then along comes someone and sets down beside me and darned if they don't want to swing. So I'm building two separate comfortable seats and hanging them both on there. Then I'll build another two seater to set nearby for those that want to sit and neck.

Heck I'm even beginning to think that necking is another big expenditure of energy one could do without.
By the end of my days I'm too sore and too tired to do any of that lovey stuff. Although some nice chat would be nice I fear that if there is any necking to be done it will have to be first thing in the morning when I feel full of energy!

Of course then I may get nothing else done throughout my days...

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