Monday, April 29, 2013

Draw me a picture

When did this happen? Why did this happen? Did this have to happen to me?

Somehow my body is choosing to get stiff and sore. No longer does it seem to have the ability to do the work it once did without turning against me. It's either revolting against work or it's rising up and paying me back for all the damage I've done to it over the years while having fun.

What do you do...
Well I just keep plugging away at what needs done and what I want to do. I've learned over this life that the only way past aches and pains is through them.

Just like work. The only way to get it done is to do it.
I can ask someone else to do it, but that seldom works. If it does work at all, it only works when it fits the other persons schedule. Not my schedule. If it works it seldom seems to have quite the outcome I want.

Possible that could be from others not caring about the things I do the same as I do. Maybe because they don't care about what I do at all.
Possibly it could be that they see things differently than I do. But maybe they can't see at all.
Maybe they don't feel or sense the same value of the given project quite the same as I do.

As I learned when I was running my construction and remodeling business, if you want someone else to get the results you want from doing the project, it's best to come as close to possible to writing a book when you tell them what you want as an end result. Complete with pictures!

I learned also to spend plenty of time with the customers to learn as exactly as possible what they expected as a final outcome.
There was nothing worse to me than proudly finishing a project and showing it to the customer and then seeing a question mark in their eyes.

Much of the bones of construction is cut and dried. It's the finish details though that make or break a happy ending.
A customer that has a really good sense of what they want in the end makes things more likely to have a good outcome.

Just like anything else, when left up to the other person you'll get what they see as right. An easy example is paint. The other person may think purple is the best color. You may think a pastel yellow.

You can ask someone to dig you a patch for a new flower garden. The digging is bare bones and any able bodied person can accomplish it. But the size and shape you want is not. So if you lay a hose out and decide your final shape and then draw that shape by spraying some cheap spray paint or laying a line of lime along the hose, the other person can see the shape and size you want to plant your pretty flowers.

In the end it's your personal choice or like that is important.
The closer you can come to showing an exact picture to someone else of what you want, the closer to what you want you will get. And when you are pleased with the outcome you and the help are left with smiles.

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