Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My lips move but I don't make a sound

Seems that as I get older I only think I hear my self speak.
It's either that I don't actually say the words I am thinking or...

In a three day period I asked the son to take the garbage out and burn it. Each time I asked he said he would.
When the trash was overflowing onto the floor and I had more to put in, I finally gave up and did it myself.

Now unless I was dreaming that he said he would take that trash out I can only assume he really didn't hear me and just said yes as an automatic reaction to whatever sound may have fluttered through the air at the moment.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I only dream I'm speaking. Just maybe I only think I hear sounds when my lips move.
Maybe I'm hallucinating when I think I hear him agree...

There is the fact that sometimes when strolling down the aisles in stores I only think I'm thinking things right up until those I was thinking about turn and give me a mean ugly look.
So maybe that works in reverse too.

Odd thing is though, if I ask him if he would like to join me for some grilled steak he seems to answer yes before the words are out of my mouth! Heck I don't even have to ask him to put charcoal in the grill and light it. He jumps right up from whatever he is doing and has the grill hot in no time flat!

If I only begin to ask if he wants to join me for pizza the oven is preheated and he's even chopping onions and green peppers before I can move from my seat to start the dough.

If I only think about going fishing in his presence the poles and equipment begin appearing.

Should I be thinking to myself about going out to a favorite restaurant that has an all you can eat buffet, the truck is running and warmed up almost before the words leave my mouth.

I mean, it's really as if he's telepathic!
So even if I only think I ask him out loud to take out the garbage shouldn't he get that and do it...

Should I start hiding steaks under the trash can... Or pizza... Or fishing bait... Maybe prepaid coupons for those restaurants!

Yah right.
He'd lift the trash enough to get whatever is under it and put the trash right back.
So I guess I'll save the extra work for me and the cost and do it myself while I keep smiling.

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