Monday, April 22, 2013

Summer smiles are on the way

The weather broke and spring is finally here. I've been very busy with the winter cleanup, getting the garden ready and planting seeds and getting the flower gardens started.

It's been almost perfect weather for getting that start. It's warm enough to be outdoors and yet cool enough to work without suffering from the heat. Every few days it rains enough that I don't have to spend too much time watering.
But... There have also been a few nights that got down around freezing. That may not be well for the seeds if they've begun to sprout.

There were hedges that needed trimmed and that also is well under way. Some fields are underway for the planting. There are some trees along the fields that need some trimming too. Keeping them from making the fields smaller is a never ending battle.

The beginning of fishing season is here, but I just don't have the time to go and get a line wet. With the late arrival of good weather I'm too busy playing catch up with everything else.

But such are the ways of life.
When there are responsibilities and work that needs done, fun things take a back seat.
There will always be time for the fun things and taking it easy after the work is done.

The blog suffered a little last week also. Not because of being busy, but more so because I was so tired. By the time my busy days ended I only wanted to drag my exhausted body to bed. Even my son noticed I was too tired to even think. He noticed that because of the lack of my mouth going. Something I'm positive he appreciated...

After the long drawn out winter my body has grown a little weak. There are aches and pains where there never were before. Even a few aches and pains on top of aches and pains!

I was hurting so bad one day before an upcoming predicted rain that I even laid down on the ground and finished working on a flower garden. My nearly useless back just would take no more bending. But the seeds got in and the rains came that night to water them in and get them off to a good start.

It will all be well worth the effort and the sacrifice of missing a good time fishing when summer gets here and the welcoming blooms delight my eyes and fill my nose with wonderful scents. Not to mention the smiles I get from watching people drive along the road real slow while looking at the one hundred and fifty foot long flower garden I have been putting along the road for several years now.

So there are goodies starting in the garden to make my belly happy and flowers starting to keep my eyes and nose happy. Soon things will be caught up to where they should be and I will find some time for some fishing to make me happy.
Until then I'll just keep smiling and planting. Hope you are smiling too!

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