Friday, April 5, 2013


I was in the garden working yesterday. Yes, finally the weather is turning and I can get into that garden. At least enough to do the spring cleanup. It was still just wet enough that I wouldn't get in there with the tiller. That could only lead to a clumpy mess that is never good for growing.

I did some other cleanup around the lawn area earlier while outdoors and then during the afternoon I moved into the garden. Was only about half done in the garden and I felt the tightness in my back telling me it was time to call it a day or I'd be suffering in pain for a few days. No problem, I can finish tomorrow.

I was getting tired anyway. Went back into the house and poured a cup of hot coffee then took up my favorite perch on the sofa. As the heat warmed my bones and the coffee warmed my belly I realized just how tired I was. It became a major battle just keeping my eyes open.

I was to tired and sore to even consider food. Hunger was no where near a thought. It was still way to early to go to bed though, so I spent a little time on line trying to find something to read to keep me from drifting off into a sleep.

I was about to give up and head off to get myself cleaned up and crawl in bed. The phone rang, it was my daughter. She asked if I had eaten yet. She was heading out to pick up some burgers and fries the grandkids wanted for dinner and said she was picking some up for me. I spent the next half hour once again fighting my drowsy eyes.

We had dinner and cleaned up the mess. Talked a little and then they were on their way. It didn't take long and I was on my way. To bed.
I laid there for a while watching and listening to the TV until the soreness and stiffness eased up and then fell into a very needed sleep. Never even turned the TV off.

I woke around four in the morning to some very early morning national news. Listened to the news that likes to try and ruin a smile by threatening to take ones peacefulness away. News that makes one wonder if life is even worth living. News that makes you wonder just what world leaders are thinking when they threaten to start wars and destroy life as we know it.

Right around four thirty though a news story came on. One that made me think Oh Really? ... OH S-IT! I'm doomed to be eternally sad...

Seems some people who don't have enough work to do have done yet another study. A study on happiness.
Yes, I even did a quick search.

Their conclusion is that the key to happiness (and I can't even type this with a straight face) is to have sex one hundred and six minutes each day!

Now so you don't have to do the math, that is one hour and forty six minutes.
And that's “each” day!
Now if I could even find a woman, just where would either of us find close to an extra two hours in a day? Are we supposed to do it while cleaning? Do it while cooking? Do it while doing the laundry? Do it while gardening? While working?

Heck I've been kinda lasting good in my past but an hour and forty six minutes!
And how about all the guys who can't even go for fifteen minutes I hear about? How the heck are they ever supposed to be happy!

Darned, maybe we the single people of the world will never find our way to happiness.
Life and all the work keeps me from even having time to find a date. Off hours are for resting and sleeping just so I can do the work!

Ahh, but perhaps. Just maybe. Could it be?
That once again a word got confused?
Another word being twisted into uselessness...

Do they really mean sex?
Or do they mean the romancing which leads on to that?

If so, I'll have to disagree.
That romance should begin over a cup of coffee in the morning. Should carry on and be built even more over lunch even if, with no more than a phone call. Should be nourished and fed during the evenings. Building the fires of passion to raging inferno's.

But what the heck do I know? So I'll shut up now and get into that garden again today and try to get frisky with some weeds.

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