Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Boobs and Gaps

Teen girls.
Don't you know? Can you not see? Is it really so hard to comprehend?
That thigh gap is not natural and really looks gross!

Cows have thigh gap. Robots have thigh gap. Stick people have thigh gap.
Healthy people do not! Have thigh gap.

But yah, your probably right. What does and old man know...

Well, He knows that a healthy body able to do work, able to withstand the tests of time is a well rounded body. And not a body of skin and bones.
Skin and bones only gets cold easily.

He knows that in the end the way we ourselves view our bodies is very seldom how others will view our bodies. And sweetie's, I've been around awhile. Spent time with and talked to many guys. Never once have I heard a guy who said he liked skinny girls or thigh gap.

Is it your objective to look so pathetic that some caring guy will buy you a meal!
Are ya tryin to get a bird to land in that nest!

Close that gap.

Want bigger boobs. Then date a big boob.
This old guy knows he has spoken with and heard many women including his mother and has heard horror stories about big boobs.
The way the weight of them alone makes bra straps leave ruts in their shoulders. The pain that weight brings to their shoulders and backs.

Try carrying your back packs on the front for a week or so. Then see if you still think big boobs and their added weight are still what you want.

Yah, guys look at and ogle big boobs. Guys almost drool over big boobs. Some guys with lust filled eyes will even waste their last dollar on a magazine with big boobs. Many believe there is happiness in big boobs and will go quickly with each and every big boobed woman he can.
Is that the kind of guy you want! Later my young friend you will find that is the guy who will not be there when you need him. He'll be to busy chasing the next big boob to add to his score card.

Sound mean? Sound cruel? Sound hard? Sound cold?
Well life is mean, cruel, hard and cold. Get used to it.

Be happy with the body you were born with to carry that brain around. That body that was designed and built to work and get food to nourish and to keep that brain alive. Really that's all that it is.
It's your brain that makes you who and what you are. The place that decisions are made that will affect your life. Where the intelligence to keep a guy lies.
The healthier that body, the healthier that brain will be.

Do you want a skinny brain? Do you want a huge gap in your brain? Are you a big boob that wants big boobs?
If you still do after reading this and you only think that I'm a big boob, then go ahead and destroy your body while your young.

Watch over the years as those boobs head south towards your toes. Feel the effects over the coming years of that malnourished body from wanting that gap so bad you're will to starve yourself to get it.

OK, I'm done with my rant for now.
Have a wonderful smiling day!!!

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