Friday, May 3, 2013

Hatred Murder and Destruction

I see spring. I can smell it in the air. I can feel it in the heat from the sun as I go about cleaning up from winter and working at starting this years garden and crops. The time when life begins once again.

Seeds that have lain dormant over the winter begin to sprout and push from the earth reaching for the sun to blossom with wonderful flowers. Trees begin to grow their leaves. Grass begins to turn from brown to green.

All the different plants growing and getting along in their quest for life. Living and thriving amongst each other peacefully creating beauty.

Wild animals coming from their dens in search of food to fatten their bellies. Playing in the sunshine while searching for love and companionship. Starting new families to nurture and teach.

People begin to come from their homes and tend to their lawns and gardens. Playing and working in the heat of the sunshine. Stopping to chat and catch up with their neighbors. Learning new things from one another. Sharing and caring...

Sadly this spring I am not seeing the caring.

I've been troubled and quieted by the hatred, killing and destruction.

Is it so impossible to see and understand
That it doesn't matter our skin color
That it doesn't matter our nationality
That it doesn't matter our religion

That what does matter is we all have so much to share and learn from each other.
That instead of hatred we can all enjoy playing on this big playground while learning from one another.

It's love and compassion that has given us the great inventions from people of every different race, each and every different religion and nationality to make our lives as we know them since the days we lived in caves, better and easier lives.
It's togetherness and acceptance that has allowed us to share all the good things.

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