Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thank you for keeping me regular DC

Yuck, winter is back. Late last evening it began with sleet. That turned to snow and then to some drizzle to top it off.
Couldn't sweep the snow off of the porch and walkways. Instead it needed shoveled. Not with the snow shovel but needed a heftier shovel with sharper edge to scrape the icy mess.
The good thing? There was only about an inch of that to deal with.

Then came the trip to my daughters to stay with the grandkids until the school bus came to pick them up. I had already seen on the local morning news there was a two hour school delay.

While feeding the critters the child inside my head decided it would take the four wheeler for a ride. So off I went on the four wheeler. It was kinda fun revving the engine while on the way and slipping and sliding.
It was even more fun spinning around in circles, doing doughnuts in the icy snow covered fields and roads! I will say too it's a great way to wake up!
Yup, some kids never grow up. But I'll probably pay for that with added back pain later today or tomorrow...

Talk about some never growing up and facing reality. I also heard on the morning news about someone in our ever intelligent government spending over $200,000.00 on a single bathroom for their office! Heck that's almost what the farm and house are worth!
They whine and sob that our government is broke, yet they spend like there is no tomorrow...
Wonder if it was their money instead of the tax payers dollars if they would have spent that much...

In all the years I worked as a building and remodeling contractor I spent the customers money like it was my own, but I'm a miser.
Why can't our government do that? And just who needs a place that costs over $200,000.00 to take a s_it?
Oh well, I guess that is what our elected officials are best at. They talk s_it and we the people pay for s_it and get s_it on in return...

While families struggle to replace the roof on their homes, while families struggle and do without to buy a new furnace and scrape bottom to pay the outrageous prices for fuel to heat their homes to keep their families warm and healthy, while retired people do without food so they can pay for their medication, the people we keep electing spend without a thought or a care.
Seems the only time they care about the people are when they campaign for reelection...

I wonder if while they mandate that everyone pay prices for health care insurance they can't afford and which will surely leave less to spend on their families, have any of those elected officials ever considered voting against their next pay raise...
I wonder if while they decide to cut funding for our military if they've ever considered cutting their pay...
I wonder if while they are cutting programs that help the retired and needy if they consider an over $200,000.00 crapper is truly a necessary expense...

Here in this house we still use the bathroom and fixtures that were first put in when my ancestors got tired of braving the ice and snow during the winter and the bugs during the summer and abandoned the outhouse.
Over the years it has been taken care of. There have been drippy faucets. There have been leaky pipes. But they were fixed!

Several times over the years the flooring has worn out. It's been replaced!
The walls have shown their age from use and the effects of moisture but they too have been repaired. Even the ceiling has had to be worked on.
Thanks to hard water the faucets have at times looked kinda bad, but a little elbow grease and some cleaners has always brought them back to looking good. Washers wore out and needed replaced.
But in all the years the bathroom has been in this house, not one soul has ever considered spending $200,000.00 on it!

For that kind of money I could live for four years without a care!
Heck in this area there are very, very few people who even earn anywhere near $50,000.00 a year.
Yet these elected head in the clouds officials think nothing of spending what these people earn in four years or more for a bathroom!

Makes me wonder what they spend on toilet paper. Is it perhaps more than I spend on a meal?

Oh well, at least this news of a $200,000.00 crapper should keep me using my old bathroom regularly for a while.

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