Monday, January 7, 2013

Life Goes On, Now Let It Go On A Little Bit Better

Hmm, what's for dinner?
That question seems to cross my mind every morning lately when I'm having my coffee and cookies.
Sure would be nice if someone else would make that decision for a change...
But oh well, such is life and until someone buys me a restaurant I guess I'll have to do my own cooking.
SOMEONE PLEASE! Buy me a restaurant or a diner!

After having a week to calm down from the holidays I'm finally getting unwound. Even had a day with some sunshine to take a hike through the snow and allow my mind to wonder and clear.

I cant say I'm feeling happy. Can't say I'm feeling sad. Can't say I'm feeling hopeful and I can't say I'm feeling hopeless. I guess I'm feeling more of a tranquility with a haze of empty.

Started out last year with a pretty bad health issue which took me out and left me bedridden for about two weeks. Another two weeks getting my feet back under me.
Also early last year I was pillaged by a soft voice of hope. When that fell through I felt used up and useless.
Then having spent so much busy time and time away from home I had left my garden alone and by the time I got back to it, it was a super weed patch.
By the time I finally got it cleaned up I had lost about half of my tomatoes and only had six bell peppers left. The salad fixens never did amount to much. One cucumber plant that did very well managed to survived.
The entire second half of the year was one long boring struggle.

As I was wading through the knee deep snow my mind, as usual, was busy wondering and pondering.

I recalled the words of Martin Luther King Jr.
The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Also knowing it's the journey itself that matters. That the desired goal we want might not always be ours to have. Yet if during the journey we discover and learn the positive things, even learn from the negative things.
We grow as individuals and that's what makes the journey worthwhile.

Then too after being around long enough I also have seen that some will deny their fate. Some will justify their fate.
Some others will do anything they can to alter their fate.
That left me with the question. Which one do I want to be?
I'm aware that only I can decide that answer or change it. That is my fate.

The person I was yesterday is dead and gone. The person I am today will be gone tomorrow. Each day is a chance to be a new and better being!
Each day we choose to leave the yesterdays behind or to let them drag us down or even stop us.

Some people make their world and their life to difficult for theirselves to live in.
I do not ever again want to become one of those people.

So I'll take what I've learned from the past year and continue on my journey with contentment and smiles. I'll use what I've learned to attempt to help others who I find in need and do my best to bring a smile to their faces.

It will soon be time and again I will plant a garden. Hopefully I will be here and have the time to devote to keep after the weeds. But should I again get to busy to care for it properly because of trying to help someone with something I will not look on it as a loss.
I will just be thankful that I have the opportunity to even have a garden and enjoy whatever bounty I receive from it.

Heck, even with the weeds taking over my life I always find something to smile about as I pluck them out one by one.

So if I can do it, so can you.
Even if your day, week or year is full of weeds and problems you too can take a few moments here and there to smile and share that smile.

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