Monday, January 28, 2013

Run run run run runaway

B b b bitter C c c cold!
Sure makes an older guy wish he had a sweetie to snuggle with. Someone on his side to talk to and confide in.

Last week it was below freezing here all danged week. And that was during the daytime. At night it was near zero with wind chills well below zero.
To step outdoors to sweep snow was a painful act. Fortunately there was only a little snow to deal with. Ice on the roads though was making them very slippery.

Even the dogs didn't want to venture outside. The chickens hadn't left their coop either. I didn't even seen any wildlife roaming about. It was a week of staying indoors and staying warm. I imagine the wildlife was snuggled up somewhere out of the wind staying as warm as they could.

Last week I got a wild hair up my backside and decided it would be the best thing to just disappear. I called a guy I talk to once in a while and told him I wanted to borrow his cabin. Then I tossed a few clothes in a bag and some grub into another. I left a note for my son and asked him to relay to anyone who asked that I went away for a few days.

Exactly where I went I will never reveal. It's a place I go to hide when I need to get away from life. A very quiet place so far out in the mountain that even hikers don't find it. No electricity, no running water except a pipe from a spring which was ingeniously ran into the house and runs constantly. Not a thing to mess with your mind when you need it to clear. The only heat was the fireplace which warms the entire cabin as long as you are diligent enough to keep feeding the fire regularly.

I did take the cell phone along but never had a need to turn it on. I only took it in case of emergency and there was no emergency or anything else eventful. Unless you consider a deer looking in the window and emergency. He just left when I asked what he wanted. When I disconnect, I disconnect completely. Anyone else can take care of theirself and they don't need me.

I spent my time listening to quiet and the crackling of the fire. No radio, no TV, no nothing. Just listening to my inner thoughts and allowing my mind to attempt to heal and calm. Time to allow the congestion of thoughts and input from other people to settle. Just me a fire and time to come to terms with a few years of life. Especially the past year.

I really feel like I should have stayed for another week or two. Heck maybe even three. A month of solitude... Just how great would that be!

I did manage to make peace at least a little in my mind. The frustration and anger which was growing and clogging my mind have subsided a bit. I only hope that the bad feelings I was having don't come back. I'm a little more at peace again. Like I said though, I feel like I could have used a few more weeks of the solitude and quiet.

Oh well, the world has survived without me just like I knew it would. Now I'm back and ready for the assault of life once again.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your smile is to make some time just for you. Time to detox from society and the people and problems surrounding you. Time to gather your jumbled thoughts and file them away appropriately.

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