Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ranting about cell phones again

People have always been known to walk around with their head in their rear, but this is taking it a little too far.

This guy about seventeen miles away from here walked into a train!

If you don't want to read about it for yourself it's about a guy wearing a hoodie and talking on a cell phone who walked into a moving train!
I've seen on news programs and other TV programs where people have walked into pools while walking through malls while talking on cell phones. I've also seen them walk into many other things.

The guy in the article above had his foot severed. Many only walk away with bruises and bumps and I'd imagine a very badly bruised ego.
Yet so many think nothing of talking or texting on their cell phones while driving.

Now I'm all for evolution. The dumbest and weakest don't survive. But when you decide to take yourself out by using a cell phone while driving there is always the chance you will take someone else out with you. Someone with the sense that deserves to live.

Then you sit in restaurants gabbing on your phone loud enough for people in the building next door to hear your conversation.
Don't want me to listen? Don't want me to join your conversation and make remarks? Quit talking so loud or here's a clue, find a place to answer your phone where no one will be bothered and have to hear you and you won't have that problem.

Same thing goes for walking through a store and yelling into your phone.
While you are distracted from your grocery shopping and getting in my way, I am getting agitated with your insensitiveness and will surely let you know by joining in on your conversation.

There used to be things called phone booths. You walked in, put your coins in the slot and made your call. They had doors on them to keep others out of your conversation and give you privacy.
I feel there should still be phone booths. Maybe without the phones, but a booth with doors that could be shut when you feel the need to talk to someone while out and about.

Just what is the need to be constantly connected to everyone through a phone anyway? I hear people complaining about it! Always being bothered, never having a minute to oneself...
You don't have to have it turned on. You don't even have to answer it if you choose not to. When I'm busy doing something the last thing I want is to be bothered by a phone call and I don't answer it. I can check later, at my convenience to see who called and then decide whether I want to call them back or not. And I darned sure don't want bothered when I'm having a meal. Well unless your calling to say you'll pay for that meal.

I also get people, especially young people who come to visit or stop by to chat while I'm outside working. It never ceases to amaze me when they are constantly texting instead of visiting with me. Many times while they are paying all their attention to their phones I will walk away and go on with my life and what I want to do rather than watching them text.

Think that's being ignorant? Just how ignorant are you when wasting my time and life making me watch you text? I have much better and much more enjoyable things to keep me busy.
I am certainly not impressed by your phone and the way you choose to use it!

I have two of them myself. I had my home number switched to a wireless so when the storms take out the regular line I still have a phone if I need it. I also have the one I carry with me when out so I can stay in touch in case of an emergency. The one thing you don't see or hear me doing is gabbing incessantly on the danged thing.

It's there for my convenience and my convenience is not to be bothered for BS or to be a bother to anyone.

Think about those around you when your phone rings and consider how your taking their smile away with your rudeness.
Of course there are those times your conversations make me smile, but I can survive without them.

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