Monday, January 14, 2013

Just wanted to do nothing but along came a surprise

Somewhere along the long, winding, rugged path of life something will change.

People we once looked on as a friend will no longer be considered a friend, just someone we once knew. Others who we felt were enemies will show their selves as friends. Some people we once depended on will no longer be there. Some things we once had and cherished will no longer be there.

At times when we feel we need help the most it seems there is no one around. Times we want someone to talk to and there isn't a voice to be heard.
Then there are times we would prefer to be alone and it seems the entire world is knocking at our door.

Sometimes we are so restless and full of energy we would love to have something to do or someone to play with but can find anyone with the time or interest. Then there are times we only want to rest and that is when everyone else wants to play or wants us to help them do things.

Often during my life I had been looking for work and it seemed I couldn't find a job anywhere. Then when I was working and busy there were job offers and work knocking down my door.

Then there are the times you need money. You go and try to get a loan and are turned away by the banks and credit companies. Yet when you have plenty of cash you are getting all kinds of offers for loans and credit in your mailbox.

A big one for me are the times I need an extra hand to make doing a job here on the farm easier. I can wait for days and never find a soul in the universe to help. It's like the world has come to an end and no one bothered to tell me! Then when things are going well and I don't need help but need to be left alone so I can finish my work, there are people stopping by and seeming as if they think I have nothing to do but talk all day.
Later when the work is through and I have time to set and talk, I can sit around for weeks and never see a human body unless I look in a mirror.

Then there I was Sunday morning. In the midst of a break from winter. An almost summer feeling break with the temperatures being so high. There is still plenty of snow laying where it drifts deep but not much left in the fields.
I was still aching from being so busy last week moving snow and scraping ice. I was watching as the heavy pea soup fog was lifting from the fields and hill tops. Enjoying my coffee and planning on doing nothing but relaxing and allowing my body to once again heal.
A really messed up back seems to make one take more time to heal and ease up than it takes to get it hurting that bad...

I was actually considering going back to bed since sleep has been such a rare thing and is constantly interrupted by ache. The phone rang.
It was my daughter saying she had a huge pack of chicken breasts that she hadn't put in the freezer and were in need of being used now. I asked her what we were having with the chicken. She had no ideas. So out to the kitchen I went and ran some water in a pot. Started getting the fixens for a macaroni salad out of the fridge and put the macaroni in the boiling water. While the macaroni boiled away I tossed together the chopped onions, celery with tops all chopped up and the rest of the fixens for macaroni salad in one bowl. I covered it and put it in the refrigerator to get cold. I drained the macaroni and left it to cool, then put it in a bigger bowl and put it in the fridge to get cold too.

Then I proceeded to the porch to pull out the big smoker grill and get it ready for the chicken breasts my daughter was bringing after she and her little ones came home from church.

Yup. Life is full of wonder and questions, but unexpected surprises it gives sure are tasty and bring many smiles.

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