Friday, January 4, 2013

I've been waiting so long, To be where I'm going, In the sunshine of your love

Now that the festivities of the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years season are finally over and behind, the decorations are all put away, the post party cleanup is done, it's my favorite time of the year for scheming and dreaming.
It's time for the mind to start wandering of warmer days filled with tilling, raking and planting. Even days of mowing!
I must be nuts...

I get a library of seed catalogs sent to me every year. Many I don't even look at but toss them in the wood furnace. But others, mostly those which I've dealt with before I look at every page.
Maybe so my eyes don't wonder out the windows and spy the snow covered fields which seem to cause an icy shiver to course through my body...

Maybe though because my tongue and it's taste buds crave the flavors of fresh picked vegetables! My teeth long to enjoy the crunch of the fresh picked goodies of the garden! My body craves the heat of the sunshine beating down on it as I work/play in that garden.

Odd that by the end of August I'm so tired of the weekly ritual of riding the mower all around this acre plus that I call a lawn, but at this time of year with the snow laying on the ground and the winds whipping over the hills freezing everything in sight, I actually miss that darned mowing...

Odd too that by August I'm so tired of weeding and bending over to remove those stinking weeds in the garden and now I find I miss that too...
When winter is here I miss the excitingly beautiful colors of the flowers that dazzle the eyes and warm the heart.

I like seeing the Doves that hang around here during the winter. I enjoy seeing the Cardinals that feed on the berries still hanging on the bushes around the house and yard. I get a kick from watching the quail that sneak around the yard looking for a meal.
But I long to have the windows hanging open and listening to my feathered friends cooing and singing their songs. I miss chatting with my Hummingbird friends as they zoom across my porch at near the speed of light making me sometimes duck for cover. I miss seeing them at the windows, looking in and reminding me when I'm late or forget to fill their feeders.

I miss my early morning walks and hikes around the fields and woods seeing the critters as they wake, play and hunt for their breakfast.
It's very seldom any more that I go for my walks during the winters.
There is knee deep snow and frigid cold winds to deal with and now that the body is older and not as spry as it once was, it often becomes more of a torture to go for those walks.

Yet still there are those days when the sun is shining and the wind takes a break, that I can't seem to stop myself from trudging through the knee deep or higher snow for my walks and to visit with the wild animals who make me smile and chuckle at their antics.

Doesn't look like today will be one of those days though.
I can look out the windows this morning and see clouds of snow being blown across the fields by the winds. Kinda like a snowy sand storm blowing across a desert of white.

It seems like a great day to dive headlong into those seed catalogs so I can dream and plan for that vegetable garden and the flower gardens that I'm itching to get started on for this year.
It's a great day for an old single fool who has no one to share body warmth with to think warm thoughts of working with the sun beating down from above warming his stiff, achy back as he works in those gardens.
Thoughts of chasing the bunnies and birds away from the garden. Thoughts of cool breezes blowing through the open windows on days so hot you think your skin will melt and run off your body.

Yup, it's another great day to be alive and smiling!

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