Monday, May 13, 2013

Serenity and Acceptance

I had a guest towards the end of last week. As we went for a walk they noticed how beautiful and serene it is here. With the endless views from the tops of the hills, the calming effects of the walks through the fields and woods hearing nothing but the chorus of the birds and having no busy rushing about people to intrude upon your thoughts.

My guest and I had time for chatting and sharing many of life's interesting stories thanks to a badly needed break from work because of the recent rains.
It was fun for me to have someone to talk too besides the dogs and chickens and wildlife.

Friday I saw the first hummingbird of the year as he flew above me on the front porch and checked out the empty feeder. I filled the feeder and on Saturday morning when the dog and I got up and I took him out for his first relief of the day I was waiting for him on the porch. A male hummingbird came in for a drink. He checked me out and when he felt I wasn't a threat he went about his business of having a meal. After a good long drink he then flew about two feet in front of my face and hovered there. Went back to the feeder and then back to me. As if to be saying thank you for my meal.

It had rained again Friday night as I slept and once again the ground was too wet to do much of anything. So I went about cutting up some winter broken branches off of some trees. One of the trees is close to a fence post where years ago I had put a bluebird nest box.

As I was busy cutting the big branch from the tree a male and female bluebird chattered at me. They didn't appreciate me so near to their nest. I spoke with them and said I just had a job that needed done and I wasn't hungry enough to be a threat to them. Finally they calmed down.

As I went about my work I saw mamma come with a meal in her beak. She sat on a post and watched me, but wouldn't go to the nest. Then papa bluebird came back with a meal in his beak. He flew to the nest as mamma watched. When he was finished feeding their little one or ones, he flew to another post and watched me. Mamma then went to the nest to feed. Then they were both off again in search of more insects to feed their little one.

It was interesting to me how they both watched out for each other while they fed and had their backs turned to me.
Too bad more human families don't watch each others backs...

Humans it seems can be the most self centered creature on the earth.
Instead of helping and watching out for each other they find ways of stabbing each other in the back.
Instead of listening to their spouses worries and problems and watching out for them, they say hurtful words like shut up and get tough.

People need to learn from nature.
Learn how to be calm and serene. Learn how to accept others doing their thing and going about their life. Learn how to care about each other and watch out for each other.

That I'm sure would increase the smiles on peoples faces.

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