Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Am I the only one who can see in this house

Why is it that when I'm busy outdoors the house still gets dirty!
I think that since I'm not in here making a mess that the house should stay at least somewhat clean. But no.

So since it rained so much finally and it's too wet to work outside I thought I'd do a quick cleanup of the house. Yah, I thought...
Think again. Seems some grinch has been in my house while I was so busy playing catch up from winter and getting a start on the spring planting.

I could see the carpets and floors being dirty. I'm not always perfect at getting the dirty shoes off at the door. But where did this disaster come from...

I guess when I'm spending most of my waking hours outdoors and only hurriedly come in and make an excuse for a meal that I am blind to the mess the house is becoming.

Then there is that son who seems only too happy to live with a mess. Leaving shed clothing anywhere and everywhere. Papers and mail piled up to the ceiling on an end table until they are cascading onto the floor. Then instead of picking them up and putting them away he just kicks them under a chair.

There are the grandkids who find ways to lose toys and crayons under chairs, sofas and anything else junk will fit under.
Two dogs who are only too happy to shed their hair all over the house. At least they don't leave food scraps laying around. Matter of fact I guess I should be happy they search them out and devour them or the scraps from the son and grandkids would begin to reek.

Wonder if I could teach the dogs to vacuum and dust while they are wagging their tails...
Nah, every time I turn on the vacuum these two big brave pittbulls run and hide. The older one will set and watch for awhile, but as soon as I turn and start vacuuming in his direction he's gone like a streak of light.

All I have to do is start mentioning that I'm thinking about cleaning and the son disappears too. He doesn't even take any time to ask for a few dollars...

So I bagged up his pile of papers and junk all in one big bag. I'll set it on his bed so he is sure to find it. Probably sometime during the night when he rolls over on it and it makes him uncomfortable...
Hope he has fun sorting the old bills from the due bills. If he gets mad at me so what! I'm angry at him for allowing that pile to lay there for the past month growing from a few envelopes to a mountain of crud.

A few weeks ago my daughter got the vacuum and was going to do a quick cleaning. But did I let her! No. I said I had to do a really good cleaning and if she did the quick clean I'd probably out it off longer.

So I guess it's back to a day of cleaning, complaining and smiling at my own laziness.

Hope it rains for another day or two so I can get some rest!

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