Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sorry Love Friend

Why is it some people are in the habit of always saying I'm sorry?

You say your back or something hurts. They say I'm sorry.
You say you're not feeling well or are sick. They say I'm sorry.
You say you've worked yourself so hard you're exhausted. They say I'm sorry.
You mention you are having a hard time at something. They say I'm sorry.

Might be it's their way of being sympathetic. Trying to sound kind. But it's not their fault any of those things are going on in your life, so why should they be sorry? There are many words to express sympathy other than I'm sorry. Sorry should be reserved for when you really are sorry for doing or not doing something you should have or shouldn't have.

Seems about the same as the word love being used when someone only likes something very much.
When to love something you would be willing to go to bat for it, fight for it, even be willing to die for it. Or them.

Now I really really like steaks. But I am not willing to die for a steak.
I'd walk a mile when hungry for chocolate to get it and spend my last dollar to satisfy the hunger. Yet I can't see myself ready to fight to the death for a piece of chocolate.

Kinda like the word friend when the other person is at best an acquaintance. Even people that some hardly know by anything other than a name they call a friend. I've even known of people who recognize a face but can't remember the name, call the person a friend.

Then they stand in wonder when that so called friend lets them down. Some even cry when their so called friend robs their house or steals from them.

It takes time to know the good, the bad, the ins and outs of people. The trustworthiness of people. The willingness to help. The important things that make someone a friend.

And before saying you love someone you darned sure want to know they are a friend and you are willing to go to the ends of the earth to fight for and possibly die for them.

These are just three of the words that get tossed around so much that their true meanings have been confused and lost. Brought almost to the point of being meaningless.

What over used words bother you?

Surely with our vast vocabulary we could find other words to express the true meanings we have while preserving the heartfelt meanings of words which are important and shouldn't be used to death.

Or have we become lazy or so small minded as to no longer have the ability to choose words that would better describe what we are trying to say...

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