Friday, May 17, 2013

Doers and the Mouths of Don'ters

You just have to love the people who never have time to do who then have all the time in the world to do nothing but criticize those who make the time to do.
They have all the perfect ways and solutions, yet never have an extra half hour of their lives to do.

The lucky people who know everything and have the perfect ways how everything should be accomplished. Yet they can not accomplish squeezing time into their lives to do.
Yet while others are busy and rushing about frantically doing they are sitting on their porch taking it easy.

An old line comes to mind.
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

If you have all the answers you should not be sneaking around behind others backs and bad mouthing them for what they are trying to do. You should be doing or in the least putting your ideas in front of the appropriate person who is putting forth the effort to do.

When what you do is talk about how someone else should be doing, saying they are doing it wrong, they will fail, you are doing not a thing but hindering that person who is at least trying.

Your words always get back to the person who is willing to try and often even discourages them. Your words hurt the people who give their time and make them want to give up and quit.
Sad for you, your words also make you look like a fool...

Others who you do your talking and back biting to have eyes. While they can hear your words, they can also see that you do nothing to be part of the solution. They can see the bad effects your words are having on the ones who try to do.

I recall hearing some good words from an old soul years ago.
If you now so much and know how to do it then get off your rear end and do it.”

Actions do speak much louder that words.

I see mothers who also hold down a job making time to do things to help others while their homes suffer with little cleaning that gets done around midnight.
I see men who instead of staying home and resting or enjoying their families who are out coaching T ball and other sports.
I see men and women who are Volunteer Fire Fighters who never get a penny for their time or gas, who spend more time away from home in their non working hours than they do at home.

Yet all the critics of how these people do, are all setting on their rumps. Talking about how it should be done.

If you really know how to do then do it. Too busy? Well, if you really know how to do, it shouldn't take you very long at all to start doing, get the projects going in your perfect way and then step aside and let someone else do.

If you can't put forth the effort and squeeze a little time from your precious life to do, then at least keep your mouth shut. Allow those who will dig the time from their lives to do. Quit making them feel regrets for trying because of your hurtful, discouraging words.

It's you who talk but do not do that I see smiling the least.
Doers I tend to see smiling more often. So do yourself a favor and do!

And to all those who mine the time from their lives to do, I thank you with all of my heart and soul. I for one do appreciate you.
You doers are the greatest!
It is you who is making the lives of others better and are allowing them to smile more.

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