Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weather or not

Wow, it's been well over a month since I last wrote.
Things around here have been hectic. Spring was totally against me and the garden. The cold would not let up and it was too wet. Seeds planted in the garden, drowned in the garden which made some replanting necessary. Just last week I had to again plant more seed.

The sweet corn is looking good as are the pumpkin plants. I had to battle to get the cucumbers to finally grow without loosing them to cold and drowning.
My tomato sets died about a week after planting them because of the cold. Then I had to buy sets from a garden center and put them in. Same for my bell peppers. Only the few hot peppers I plant survived.
Green beans which I've never before had problems with had to be replanted. Not once, but several times.

Even fields had to do some waiting. But again this year the hills will be covered in corn.

Not only did I have to battle mother nature but I also had to battle what I'm pretty sure was walking pneumonia. I never did get to a doctor to find out for sure. I didn't have time for the luxury of taking time to see a doctor. So I started eating foods, herbs and spices that were rated high as natural antibiotics. And uhg, I even started taking a shot of cider vinegar every morning because it's rated so high as a natural antibiotic. Hey, it worked. I'm still alive a kicking. I think...

Then on top of everything else I had to watch the grandkids while their mom went to work.
When I'm really busy I sometimes don't bother to eat, but when you have two hungry kids around eating is no optional. And wow can they eat!

Heck I even broke a tooth and suffered with that for several days before I finally took time to go to the dentist and have what little was left removed. Luckily I made it just in time to head off an abscess that was beginning to grow.

Add all that to this messed up back and neck I live with and you have an old guy about ready to give up. But no... I'm to dumb to surrender.

Instead I just keep doing what I can, when I can and resting in bed a lot.
About the only planting that did go right was the gutter planters I hung on the porch railing last year. The herbs and flowers I planted there are doing nicely.

Even the long long wildflower garden I plant along the road is doing badly. Some seeds sprouted and many seem to have succumbed to the mixed up weather this year. But I am not replanting them. What grows and blossoms into beautiful flowers will.
I even dug up some ground in a corner of the yard and planted some perennial flowers. They too have not made it.
So until next year those two will have to wait.

Hopefully I'm back now.
I have continued to smile right through this mess. Maybe I'm looney but even when things go bad I can always find something to smile about.

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