Friday, July 27, 2012

What A Year

It's been one interesting year to say the least!
Got deathly sick back in January and that cost a fortune to heal from. And I'm still not totally healed...
That caused me to miss taking the trip I had planned to go to Australia.
My truck broke down and still is just sitting in the garage waiting for help to fix it. Because of my messed up back I can't do that job alone...
I wasted close to two thousand dollars to help someone move here who said they wanted to and then backed out at the last minute.
Now because of my own stupidity and allowing someone into my heart I'm hurting again. Hmm, shoulda known better. If life has taught me anything it's that I'm meant to be alone...
The garden is a mess because I spent so much time away from home and it. Then the weather hasn't cooperated at all. With it's late chilly wet weather and then the extreme heat. Heck, I'll be lucky to even get a few good meals from it.
The main tractor here at the farm is broken down now and it seems to be taking forever for the shop to rebuild the part.
That electric pole fell and ripped the wires from the house and that had to be fixed.
The mandrel on the mower is now broken again and I can't even finish mowing the lawn and other areas I keep mowed...
The darned back seems to have a pattern of getting real bad every third day and taking me out for the next three or four.
The son has been struggling his back side off just trying to find enough work to keep his bills paid and I've had to help him out there too.
My daughters life is down. Seems the son in law has found another love interest and is now leaving her and the children. Ha! Guess who's going to have to help them out financially and emotionally...

Wonder if there's some way to go back to last year and then just skip this year...

It's sad but I just can't seem to find anything good about this year. The year is now only half over and I really think I should just crawl in a cave and hide until next year.

I know that everyone has problems, that's just a fact of life. Things just happen that are out of our control. You live, you have good times, you have bad times. But it's a bit hard to take when the bad just keeps on coming without letup.

I always try to do my best to find contentment. That always makes the bad times a little easier to take and not last quite as long. It also makes the good times seem even better.

This year though it seems the bad keeps coming right before I find my contented place.

So I'll just keep hanging on and hope that things soon start to go in a much better direction. I sure hope the rope I'm hanging on to doesn't break!

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