Monday, July 16, 2012


As any of the regular readers here know I have made an attempt at a major change to my life and failed. Hey, that happens. But in the least I tried.
I am not happy with one aspect of my life and am aware it needs changing. Will I ever find a way to make that change? Who knows. When will I be ready to try and change it again? Who knows.

Is it time for a change? Do you just not feel right about change? Your just not ready? Do you run from change, fight change or accept change?

I used to fight change, probably because it made me uneasy or frightened me.
Now I see change in a different light!
Everything changes daily with the rising of the sun. There is no fighting it, it just happens. There is no running from change, it's a race that can't be won.

Change keeps us from getting bored and stuck in a routine. Change now is no more than a chance to learn something new and experience life in a different way while having new doors of possibilities opened for you.

If you keep waiting for your feelings to change, your life will never change. It's only by taking action and beginning to make a change that your feelings will change. Things that happen in this world don't happen unless someone makes them happen.

Start your changes by trusting in yourself. Let others criticism be your fertilizer. Their tiny thoughts and beliefs will keep them tiny, while your tiny ideas will flourish. Think of the small seed that grows into a big beautiful flower.

By learning yourself and trusting in yourself you learn to hear with your heart more than your ears and won't get taken quite so often. You learn to see things as they were meant to be seen by you and as they affect your life. You learn to taste and feel with you sight.

Success is really nothing more than trying one more time than you fail.

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