Friday, July 13, 2012

Ended Before It Got Started

So the fairy tale ended before it could even get off to a good start. Some just let their fears and doubts get in their way.

My garden is about hopeless. I'll be lucky to have enough to even make a few meals from. As I'm trying to pull the weeds that got so bad while I was gallivanting around I seem to be doing more damage than good.
The hay went to seed and is useless. I had offered my neighbor two thirds of the hay if he would mow it all and bale it. I guess he was to busy getting his own hay in.
My truck is broke down and in need of repair. The son is to busy to pull the transmission out for me and because of my messed up spine I can't get under the truck to get it out. This job could take a while to do...

Guess this year is a total bust in some ways.

On the other hand the house has gone through a pretty good cleanup and some long needed repairs have been taken care of.
The mowing of the lawn has been caught up and it doesn't look so bad now.
Only briefly, but I did get a chance to fish the Ohio river between Indiana and Kentucky and even caught some fish. I do hope to get back there and do some more fishing.
I got to meet some very nice people on my visit and enjoyed some really good company. Even got to sample some really great, home cooked southern cooking!

Life is interesting to say the least. There is a temptation to ask what else could go wrong, but I'm sure if I'd ask I would find out. Some questions are best left unasked...

For now I have more work to do than I can handle.
So I'll muddle through and hope something fun, that will turn out nice will come my way.

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