Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just Do It

Not satisfied with life? Unhappy? Sad? Depressed? Feel like there should be more to life than the same old same old?

Find something you like doing that feeds your soul!
Something that makes you feel alive and satisfied!

You don't necessarily need to change your life, but add something to it that makes you feel alive.
You don't have to leave your partner, but find something that is yours that makes you feel alive and do it.
You don't have to leave your job, but do what it is that makes you feel alive as a hobby.

For some it's something as simple as gardening. A flower garden, a back yard vegetable garden. For me it's gardening on an epic scale called farming.
Today there are many farmers who simply cannot earn a living farming, but rather farm on a part time basis or as a second full time job. But I don't know a one who doesn't feel satisfied.

Recently saw a guy who retired and now spends his time on beaches building sand art. Heck, he even earns money doing it. He found what makes him feel happy and does it.

I had many jobs during my life and they all left me so dissatisfied that I'd quit and go looking for another. One day while pondering that I realized that I loved building things. So I tried construction. Never again did I feel I had a job! I was going to my playground ever day! I found what made me feel alive and satisfied and I did it.

That allowed me to earn a living while having fun. That allowed me to eventually get my second dream. The farm that was in my family for generations and I now live on and play.

So many people have taken hobbies that made them feel good and have turned them into earnings.
Guys who came home from work and went to their little wood shops and built things they would eventually sell. Women who loved sewing and would make clothes or even just do alterations. People who worked eight hour shifts in steel mills or coal mines and would come home and spend another eight hours in their gardens. Then sell their extra produce at flea markets or to stores or restaurants. Women and men who like baking. Some went on to build extra kitchen areas on their homes that they could get licensed so they could sell what they made to the public.

Thing is that all these people were happy people. They found what they like doing that made them feel satisfied and fulfilled and did it!
They also had happy home lives. Seems that when they became happy, home life became happy. When they like who they were, they liked who they were with.

When you give up because of bad thoughts, bad ideas roaming through your mind, doubts and fears, you are stuck in the proverbial rut.

Just do it. Make it happen.
Find what makes you happy and live that happy life.
Only you can make the choice to do it...

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