Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What do you do to recharge your batteries?

I wonder if anyone is working on inventing something like the Roomba for cleaning snow from sidewalks and driveways...
If they do I want one!

How am I like my four wheeler?
Both of our batteries are in need of recharging.

The four wheeler hasn't been getting a lot of use because of the snow and cold. I tried starting it this morning and it cranked a bit but then the battery died. No early morning romp for me.

This weather has me in the same condition. I'm in need of a good recharging myself. I have no inspiration lately. I'm constantly tired and want to do absolutely nothing. Kinda like an old bear, all I want to do is hibernate!

I can hook up the battery charger for the four wheeler to recharge it's battery and soon it will be recharged and ready to go. Ready to fire the cold engine to life and take me on whatever adventure I choose.
Me however... It's not that easy.

I guess I've got solar powered batteries. Not the good kind that only take a few hours of any light to pep them up a bit, but the type that takes many hours of hot, bright sunlight beaming down from above to bring them back to life.

With all this yucky winter weather that came earlier than normal and refuses to let up, I'm losing my will to keep moving forward. Having trouble concentrating.

It's soon time to start the tomato and pepper seeds for this years garden.
I keep forgetting to order the seeds!
Hopefully today I will remember to go to my favorite seed websites and do that.

Seems I keep getting distracted by the need to push snow and spreading salt to get rid of the ice.
Maybe I should disconnect the phone...

I've been threatening to do that for the past several years.
But do I? No.
I could just say that simple two letter word, no.
But will I? Hmm, I kinda doubt it.

Then there are critters that need fed and tended to.
If only I could teach them to feed theirselves, get theirselves water and shovel their own snow. If I could teach them to get their own bedding.
If I could teach them to use a toilet!

There's that hungry furnace that needs fed chunks of firewood every few hours to keep it's belly full so it keeps me warm, keeps the water pipes from freezing and keeps me from going broke trying to pay the extremely high prices the oil companies want for fuel oil.
Then too it needs to learn how to flush it's own ashes...

There is baking that needs done and hot, stick to the ribs meals that need cooked to keep the body fed with foods that will keep it warm and healthy during the bitter cold days and frigid nights.

Grandkids to be kept entertained by something other than a television since it's too cold for them to spend their time outdoors playing with nature.
I just can't justify a television with all it's mind numbing dribble and acts of constant sex and violence being used as a babysitter...

There's laundry and housekeeping. Keeping that dust from becoming so deep you can plant an indoor garden. Keeping the clothes from becoming so stiff with dirt they could stand on their own or warn others you are coming long before you get there.

There are also business deals to be dealt with. Contracts to be read with fine print to be scrutinized, argued over and then eventually be agreed upon and signed.

Hmm, is it lack of concentration? Or is it there is just too much for one person to do...

No matter what it is I want a short vacation!
A week or two, somewhere warm. A place with no snow.
Me on the bank of some creek or river. With lots of sunshine warming my tired, aching bones and charging my batteries.

Emptying my mind while pulling fish from the waters and releasing them back to their worlds and happy fishy lives. Thanking them for the thrill they gave me by allowing me to catch and meet them.

Preparing myself for another spring, summer and fall of sunshine, hard work and fun.

It's either that or I hook that battery charger up to my ears and toes to give myself a jot of electrifying smiles!

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