Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The junk, the cold, the boredom

It doesn't take content to be content.
Many times I find it actually take less content to become content.

My tools, equipment, extra parts, piles and heaps of used parts that could still be used in an emergency. The screws, brads, nails, spikes, nuts, bolts, washers, rivets and all the other things to attach things. The extra roofing shingles, pieces of siding. Pieces of various lumber. And many other things some would look at and call junk. That stuff I would never get rid of and very often turn to in times of need.

Yet in my house I often wonder if I don't have to much junk.
There are knick knacks and mementos from many years of life and living.
Often when attempting to dust and clean I strike back and begin tossing. What will burn goes into the furnace. I might as well get some heat from it...
Other so called keepsakes go to the garbage.

Strange thing is that I can spend an entire day pitching stuff out and it will still look like I haven't even begun! And then somehow as soon as I get rid of junk, more junk seems to find a way into my home to replace it!

Socks as we all know, will mysteriously disappear. Well I'm beginning to come to a conclusion that junk mysteriously appears.
But I will continue on my quest to have less content so maybe I'll be more content.

I went on a recent cleaning rampage a few days ago. Neither my mind or my heart were in it. I wanted to be out of here for a few weeks during the month of February. A very important business deal has been keeping me from that. Hopefully and it's looking like in another two weeks all will be settled and the contract will be signed. So it's looking like I won't get to go languish along a river or stream while fishing somewhere warm until March. An entire month after I had wanted.

Yup. It's all in the timing, yet the timing seems to always be off...

The snow so far this winter has had some nice timing. We've been getting bitter cold and snows followed by warmer days and no snow. That has made it nice because even though there has been what seems to be constant cleanup there hasn't been a lot of snow or even worse, drifting snows that block the roads. Having time after snow falls for the snow to melt sure makes it easier to accept.

I find though that as my body gets older, more worn out, stiffer and sorer it no longer has the ability to accept the cold of winter. This winter has me hibernating and hiding from the outdoors between spurts of pushing, shoving and shoveling the snow and ice.

Instead of wondering out to watch the deer and other wild critters and going to the ski slopes to watch the girls nutty skiers, I've spent my time stuffing firewood through the door of the wood furnace to stay warm. I've even considered moving my bed to the basement beside the furnace.
She may not be much to look at but at least she keeps me warm.
May not be much for conversation, but the crackling of her embers warms my heart.
Her time worn exterior and steely looks put a warm smile on my face and helps to chase away the chills from my bones.

What can I say? A lonely old guy with to much time on his hands grows quite fond of inanimate objects that keep him company.
Hmm, maybe that is why I seem to keep collecting junk...

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