Monday, February 11, 2013

Love Sweet Love

I'm seeing that the sun is now rising to the north side of the southernmost old maple tree in my front yard and beaming brightly through my living room window. Trying to brighten my mornings as I sip my steaming hot coffee while watching the morning news. Only a week ago it was still on the south side. YAY, spring is coming!

Speaking of things coming, that day for love and lovers is nearing.
I personally have no reason to think of Valentines day because I'm alone. But you guys who aren't alone better get something for her or you too might wind up alone. Hmm, or maybe worse, wishing you were.

Guess I could take the chainsaw and cut some heart shaped chunks of firewood and give them to my wood furnace. She keeps me toasty warm as long as I pay her enough attention and remember to feed her regularly and on time.

Then too I could buy a pretty heart shaped locket, attach it to a red bow and tie it to the snow shovel. That snow shovel and I have had a very steady relationship this winter with having at least and inch or two of snow to remove from the walkways and paths every day.

Several weeks ago I ran out of treats for the dogs. I didn't feel like running all the way to town to buy more. I attempted to make dog biscuits. The dogs love them. I even pulled a joke on my son and answered yes when he asked if they were a new cookie. He said they were pretty tasty too!
I could cut them in heart shapes and add some red food coloring and give them to the dogs for Valentines day. The dogs do express a lot of love when food is involved.

Perhaps I could find a heart shaped dish to feed the chickens with. Maybe some red wine in their water can would make them feel more loved and warm. Maybe then even though they don't like the cold they would lay more eggs during the rest of winter to show their love to me.

Possibly I could use some of their own eggs and bake them a Valentines cake!
A heart shaped cake with red icing and a bit of white icing for trim. Decorated with sprinkles of bird seed. Ahh, what happy hens they would be.

I do have to remember on Valentines day to wish my granddaughter a happy birthday.

Yet I may just spend most of the day cuddling with my pillows, sheets and blankets in my nice warm bed. It's been a long winter with more than enough dreary days. Had to move snow and scrape ice almost every day! I could use the rest.

For me it's just another day in the life. If you have a sweetie though you'd better make plans to make it a very special day. And if you have a sweetie like my granddaughter who has her birthday shared with Valentines day, you will be in disastrous trouble should you forget!

Unless you want to be like me and have no one special to share the love with.

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