Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The idle days of life

What happens when you get old?
Your life stagnates.

From what I can see!

You don't want to do anything but laze at home but someone always wants you to do something which utterly destroy your plans.
Times that you do make plans to do something for yourself there is someone who wants you to change your plans to accommodate them.
You make plans and a list to do the grocery shopping. Sure enough you forget something very important. Then you need and have to make another trip to the grocery store.

You try to cook a meal for one and end up with enough to feed a scrumptious banquet to a bunch of teenagers.
But the dogs don't mind, they rather enjoy eating your leftovers immensely. And they don't drive you as crazy as teenagers.

You are constantly bombarded with your kids borrowing things which inevitably you will have to go and retrieve when you need them.
IF” you can remember who borrowed them.

You spend so much time away from home doing favors and helping others that your furnace runs out of fuel oil because there is no one at home to keep an eye on home or help you to remember to.

Your monthly gas usage goes up too! With everyone knowing you have so much time on your hands and wanting you to help them with things, you spend more time driving around than you did while working and not one of those desperate people offer to pay for some gas.

Your body revolts! Regularity becomes no more than a faint memory.
You get to study all kinds of foods so you can find the ones that have a thing called high fiber. Then you get to learn how to prepare those new foods so they taste good enough to eat. Only the bovine species seem to have a way of enjoying those high fiber foods as nature made them...

You want to sleep through the night but your bladder has other ideas.
You get to make several trips to the toilet and they occur just about the time you are ready to fall into a deep sleep.
Yet during the day almost every time you turn on the water faucet you next have to make an extra run to the toilet.

The bathroom becomes the most important room of the house. Should your kids or grandkids come to visit they will be in the bathroom at exactly the moment you can't wait one second longer.

You get to visit the doctor more than you ever visited with a girlfriend or boyfriend when you were a teen. My doctor can keep his kisses and hugs though. And I'm not at all fond of all the poking, prodding and fondling!

Vacations and away time for yourself! Yah right. Every time you decide on a vacation there will be a grandchild who needs looking after. There will be a kid who needs to borrow money that you had saved for that time away.
Heck even going out to eat. Every time you decide to do that there will be a kid who wants to go along. And do they offer to pay? No way. As a matter of fact they expect you to pay!

About the only time your life will stagnate is when you need help with something. That is exactly the time that everyone else on the face of the planet will be busy. But as soon as your done and decide it's time for a nap, they will all come knocking on your door.

Now once again try and tell me how when you get old your life stagnates. It really makes me smile.

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