Monday, February 4, 2013

Knowledge... Uhh huh.

Early Saturday morning my grandson and I were watching the morning news.
The news flashed to Punxsutawney where Phil, that weather prognosticating groundhog made his prediction. He didn't see his shadow. He said an early spring was coming.

Now I could see very clearly out the window. The sky was clear, the sun was beaming over the mountain tops to the east. In my mind there was no way that furry rodent could not see his shadow.
I said that even I could see my shadow! To which my five year old grandson who is wanting an early spring replied “But Pappy, your not a groundhog”.

Sometimes there is just no arguing with an intelligent five year old...
Remind me again why it is we think educating kids is a good idea.

There is a lot of truth in the old saying “knowledge comes but wisdom lingers”.

Many graduate from high school and from college. They go out in search of a job with their newly gained knowledge. Quite a few even demand top pay for a job thinking they have learned and are now worth top dollar.
Somewhere during the interview they lose the chance to get the job. Then they whine and wonder why.

What they fail to see is that they may have the knowledge, but don't have the wisdom to make it worth anything more than normal starting pay.

Wisdom though can not be taught any more than common sense can be taught.
Wisdom comes with a lot of experience and can only be learned through doing. Some may be learned by the very wise young individual when they pay attention and really heed what older folks say. Some can even be learned by watching older folks and seeing how they handle work and situations. But this learning comes slow and over time.

For me there is nothing better than watching a young know it all. I tend to let them on their own and watch as they mess up really bad. Then when they are scratching their head in wonder I like to slip little comments in that knocks them off their high horse.
Want to play in the big league sonny? Start out in the little league.
Anyone can learn information but it still takes experience and wisdom to learn to do things effectively.

Now that common sense thing. Well I often feel like you are either born with common sense or your not. I've felt like that almost my entire adult life.
Yet I have observed many people actually learn some common sense.
They make a mistake often enough and they actually begin to see it coming before it happens and even learn to avoid it.
Problem is, just how much has it cost over the years to learn things this way...

Again by starting with a good attitude and having the willingness to learn from those with more experience, many lack of common sense mistakes can be learned to be avoided.

Maybe by not trying to impress with what you know but rather by trying to impress with your willingness and ability to learn you just might get that job you are trying to get.

You're not getting top dollar to start, but if you remain willing to learn and do learn you will find yourself climbing the pay scale a lot quicker.

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