Monday, April 23, 2012

Ugh, Snow?

Mother nature put out last night. We had a late spring snow and from what the weatherman says we may have more today. The trees have small leaves and the snow is a wet heavy snow that is making the straining branches sag very low.

Some areas just north of here are having even more problems. They have more snow, trees breaking and falling because of the extreme weight and people who have already forgotten how to drive in the snow.

Oh well, we have had snow as late as early May and at least this time of year it never stays around long.
Besides that we need the added moisture.

What I don't understand though is how fast people forget how to drive when it snows. They forget to slow down and drive with some caution. They forget just how slippery the roads get when there is snow on them. They can not seem to remember to leave home earlier to get where they have to go.

Yup, humans are sometimes the dumbest critters on the face of the earth.
They prove it to me all to often...

Men who forget to give a bit of theirselves every day to the women they say they love and want to spend the rest of their lives with. Women who take for granted their children and do not seem to realize they are raising the future of the planet.

Kids who think they never have to work towards earning the things they want. Me who forgets how last time I tried something it turned out so badly...

Yes, we humans can forget almost anything of value. Yet we have such a hard time leaving a hurtful person behind. We'll pine away for months and even years over some nasty abusive excuse for a human that treated us bad then left us.

We'll gripe and complain about a mean boss or job we don't like, but we are to afraid to step out and get another job.
We'll complain we don't have enough money, yet we'll spend money on things we don't really need.

I'll be in this house with enough food to last for a month or longer and still when I go to the kitchen I can never find a thing to eat...

Me when number two son treats me to lunch at a pizza buffet. Who gets into a pizza eating contest with said son. Yup. I won. My prize? An entire afternoon and evening with heartburn...

People like to say dumb animals. I have in all my years not seen a cow that overate!

Yup, humans are the most interesting critters on the earth and darned if they and myself don't constantly make me smile.

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