Friday, April 20, 2012


Is it time to put a period at the end of the sentence and start a new chapter.
Everyone has problems of some kind. Some problems can be worked through but some cannot.

If you can work through problems then do. If you have tried and it isn't getting any better or if they can just not be worked through then it's time to drop them and start something new.

The only way to start something new is to walk away from the old.

Let the spirit of the child within awaken. Hungry to learn new things and do new things.

Be brave in the face of the ugly goliath of grief. Only the small butterflies of joy can scare the goliath of grief into it's cave of despair.

Learn from mistakes and grow...

Life is a lot like a garden.
Weed seeds will blow in and weeds will grow. If they are not pulled and removed they will flourish.
You can plant all the beautiful plants in your garden you want.
You can plant nutritious plants.
You can plant your garden in rows or you can scatter your plants and let them grow wildly. But when lined up in rows they are easier to deal with.
There are times it's best to let your garden go fallow so it can rest and rejuvenate.
Times too when our gardens need nourished so they can once again nourish us.
And there is always someone trying to steal from our gardens. Jealous people who are to lazy to take care of their own garden.

Yet when our garden is doing well there is always such a good feeling when we share our beautiful bounty...

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