Friday, April 27, 2012

I Don't Wanna Be Me

It's not going to be my favorite weekend here. The truck needs some work... So there will be grease, oil and dirt. The darned throw out bearing for the clutch has been grinding for a while now and needs to be replaced.

Removing the transmission to get to it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for those cross-member bolts that seem to always rust to one solid piece instead of being happy to just be bolts and nuts.

While your having fun this weekend, think of me under the truck with dust dirt and grime falling into my hair and eyes. Falling into the collar of my shirt and making their way down my back to make me itch. Pray for my knuckles that I know will be bashed into steel when wrenches and ratchets slip. Feel bad for my head which somehow always manages to get banged against the frame of the truck when I forget where I am and how little room I really have.

All life isn't wine and roses. You can bet that after that job is complete though I will be having some wine. Or maybe even some Grand Dad. Maybe even a lot of Grand Dad!
But I doubt I'll be buying myself any roses...

I could think of so many better things to do for the weekend, but I also wouldn't want to be sitting along a road somewhere broke down not being able to shift gears.

Many times in life it is nice to be able to shift gears. Sometimes too we need to lay the fun aside to do work on things and repair them so we can keep on moving on towards the fun things. Otherwise the fun can be very badly and sadly interrupted.

There are times you need to sit alone and work on you. Times you may need to work on your relationship. Times you need to work on your home. Times when you need to work on your kids. Times you need to work on friendships. Even times you need to clean the toilet. Any of which I would rather be working on this weekend!

But oh well.
Such is life.
I'll just do it.
Then next weekend I'll be ready to get back to having fun.

Hope you have better plans and have a lot more fun, smiles and excitement this weekend than I will.
Even though I'm sure I'll be laughing at myself a lot! And I'm sure I'll be cussing myself when the wrench slips.

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