Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nagging Thoughts

Nag, nag, nag...
Know what? If your tired of her nagging you should get up and do what it is she wants. If you want her to do things for you, you should always be ready and willing to do for her.
If you want to watch a game on TV or go play a round of golf, maybe you should spend the days before doing what it is she wants done.

How often do you show her your love...
That's something you should be doing every day. A few times a day.
Want her to show you love? Want her to not wonder about another man?
Keep her filled with your love.

I'm marrying her, not her family.
I'm marrying him, not his family.
You may think that sounds nice and you might even be living in some fantasy that allows you to believe that. Yet we are all products of our families. We will always be a part of our families. What we experienced while growing up and what we have learned will be with us for the rest of our lives. Much of what we learned will also be carried on and passed to our children.
Family will always be in the picture. Maybe in the dark shadows, but they are there.

Why can't he make me happy? Why can't he see what I need and just do it? Why can't he know what I feel and just be there for me? Why can't he...

How many times in our childhoods have we gone to an amusement park with the thoughts in our heads that it would be the most exhilarating experience possible and have been left down?

No other being can give us anything without knowing exactly what we want. Even with knowing exactly what we want it would still be open to the perception of the individual.

We have a bad tendency to expect others to live up to our inflated ideals. We like to believe that fairy tales which were written to entertain and show that hope is possible are exactly what life is supposed to be. We get our hopes and expectations up so high there is absolutely no where to go but down.

Then when we find ourselves divorced we refuse to learn and only carry our expectations on to the next relationship. Setting ourselves up for yet one more disaster and sad breakup.

Maybe more important than having someone love you as you would like them to, is that you accept they love you the way they do.

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