Thursday, January 5, 2012


Something that happened made me think lately. The young seem to act like rabid animals in heat. Males think nothing of treating the females badly and speaking down to them.

Could this be a failure of the older generations...
Have we dropped the ball instead of passing on the traits of being a gentleman...

I know for a fact that we sometimes get scorned for trying to be a gentleman. Have had that happen to myself. Tried to hold a door for a woman and she scolded me and told me in a nasty voice that she didn't need help, she could do it for herself... Have caught many dirty looks when attempting to be a gentleman and opening doors and allowing women to go first.

But I've gotten many more no thank you's and turned down politely. And quite often my offers are accepted with a thank you and a smile.
So there are still many women out there that appreciate a man being a gentleman.

When you mom or dad told you to not do something, did you always listen? When your doctor tells you not to do something, do you always listen? When your wife tells you to do something do you always listen? (Do not answer that if she is listening now) When your boss tells you to do things, do you always listen?

So why listen when a few unappreciative women tell us not to act like a gentleman?

And our daughters! If they don't see us being a gentleman to our women, how are they to know what a gentleman acts like?
No wonder they accept that punk down the street with purple hair, a pig ring in his nose and who is without a clue how to wear a pair of pants...

How we talk to her mom well influence her ideas of how a guy will talk to her and is acceptable. How we treat her mom will influence how she believes she is to be treated later in life. They really do learn a lot by observing...

So from now on when I do run into a woman who scorns me for trying to be a gentleman I think I'll use a new line. No problem mam, have a nice day! Then turn and walk away.

I know there is an overwhelming urge to say something like, Oh sorry, I thought you were a woman. But that will only give her more fuel to throw on the fires against men. But I still might save that line for any who become belligerent and start talking all foul mouthed.

So how about joining me in the fight to set the bar higher on the standards.
We will be doing our daughters, granddaughters, nieces and even out great granddaughters a huge favor.

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