Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Starts right before Thanksgiving with finding the perfect size turkey and making sure everything is ready as planned for the big turkey day. Then comes deer season, when it's time to be out in the fields and woods in search of the buck I've been learning for months before.
Then I go through the yearly ritual of finding the right gifts, wrapping them, making cookies and candies, getting the decorations put up, celebrating Christmas, spending the week after visiting and enjoying company, and catching up with people I don't see much throughout the year.
Then comes New Years. Once again planning and getting all the goodies for New Years Eve and for the big feast on New Yeas day.
All the while keeping up with the daily chores and rituals.

I never feel as tired, disoriented, bewildered, and full of unclear thoughts as I do after the holidays are over.
Yet this year I'm even worse. Maybe it was because I got ill right before Christmas and never quite took the time to heal. Maybe because right on New Years day I was playing and hugging my grand daughter who wasn't feeling well. Maybe it is because of the recent cold snap and the fact I still believe I'm twenty years old and immune to catching illness when I make a trip to the mailbox without a coat and in my slippers.
Heh, maybe it's just because I'm getting old... My mind however disagrees with that completely!

Wonder if it's just me or if many others feel the same exhaustion I do after the holidays are finally over.

My dear sweet little granddaughter made me a birthday card this year that I am going to share with you all.

I absolutely love it. I love the outstretched arms that look like I'm ready to hold the world. I love the sunshine she put over us both, cuddling us in warmth. I get a smile that she made my hands look like stars.
I love that she has such a wonderful smile. I love that she shows my hair without the gray running through it. I love that she got the beard so right. I do though wonder if she really sees me so much taller than she is...

She really is a twinkle in this grandpaps eyes.

So as I relax and recuperate and look at my beautiful card, have a great day and share the smiles and love!!!

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