Friday, January 6, 2012

Random Thoughts

We never know our finest hour until it is long past.

Many honeymoons end when the bills arrive and the realization comes there is not enough income to pay them.

Many relationships end when you find out the one you love isn't who they made theirselves out to be in the short time you took to get to know them.

Butts do look fat. They are supposed to. They are made of fat so they are comfortable to sit on.

Husbands quite often turn into was-bands.

Good marriages are not an endless honeymoon, they are two people who have gotten comfortable with each others company and have become best friends.

People need to learn to listen to their crapometers.

Inserting a foot into your mouth is a very easy natural maneuver for all humans.

For a parent, asking for a drama free day is like asking a cat not to shed.

Is empty nest syndrome really just shock from being able to have an uninterrupted conversation...
Or not knowing what to do with all your free time after being used to cleaning up after kids twenty four hours a day...
Maybe the shock from actually getting to eat a snack you bought!
Or maybe even PTSD...

Becoming single is like a being a piece of food picked up off the floor and put back on a buffet.

Wonder what the cure for terminal singleness is...
Wonder if they have an app for that!

After twelve years of being alone, even the thought of a relationship sends icy cold chills down my spine to my toes...

Some deny their fate, some justify their fate, some do anything they can do to alter their fate.
The only question is which one are you and only you can decide that answer or change it.
That is your fate.

Have a great weekend!

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