Friday, December 6, 2013

Rough Summer, Rough Times = Discombobulation

Hmm, I haven't been here for awhile have I?
Wish I could tell you I was on an exotic vacation. Even on a safari. I wasn't.
Life was just routine and maybe even stuck in a rut.

In July when I last posted I was struggling. I was so burned out that it was a loosing battle to when trying to write. I was fighting the weather, fighting weeds in the garden and was honestly becoming very depressed with a rough turn my life had taken.

A huge business deal was taking much, much longer than I was ready for. Things were breaking down and the cash flow was way down. Just as in the past I was alone and didn't even have anyone to discuss the disgust with. No one to help take my mind off of bothersome things.
The dogs just are not into profound conversation. Heck, the only time they listen is when I mention food...

When I wasn't busy working I'd try to write. Well all that happened was senseless thoughts chasing each other all over. I couldn't compose an entire paragraph and stay on a subject. I was a mess.
I'd try to write about one thing and ten other things would be eating at my goofy mind.

Weeds, rain, broken down tractor, broken down me, more rain, more weeds, crops not getting enough sun, crops getting too much rain, lawn needing mowing but it's raining again, more equipment needing more repair, the house needing repairs and on and on...
Top that off with me becoming the full time babysitter for my two youngest grandchildren.

Now let me tell you, when you get older you begin to realize just how energetic kids are. Just how much they need fed. Just how hard it is to keep them busy so they don't find trouble to get into. Heck, I have enough trouble keeping me out of trouble.

As for food, I eat when I get darned good and hungry. I have no set schedule for meals. Quite often I'm busy enough that evening comes and I realize I haven't eaten all day. Not that missing a few meals hurts me at all...
Well that eating schedule does not work with growing children.

Energy? Well lets just say this guy is in a perpetual energy crisis. Somewhere around noon I just fall into trying to keep one foot in front of the other so I don't fall down and become Rip Van Winkle.

The garden did well in spite of the rain and the war of the weeds. The crops did well. Finally the business deal went through! There's still a lot of work to catch up on before the winter gets too bad, but things are getting back to their abnormal normal.

I've been able to slow down, calm down and take a breath.
I'll try to get back to my normal blogging. It still may be hit and miss for awhile, but I am on my way back.

One thing that never left me during this time of angst is my continuous daily search for smiles. I even managed to laugh at the predicaments I was in.
I certainly hope all of my wonderful followers were able to keep finding their smiles over the past several months.

And to the few who cared enough to e-mail me, Thank You and Bless You

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