Monday, December 16, 2013

Snowstorm in my mind

I certainly wasn't the worst snowstorm I can recall. Maybe a little early in the winter for a snowstorm, maybe early for it to be so cold, but we only got about seven inches of snow over the weekend.
It was enough to keep many shoppers out of the stores though, as I suspected it would. Not me.

In the end of October I bought a new four wheel drive SUV. It's a Nissan Pathfinder. It's so loaded with electronic junk I wasn't sure if it was good or bad. I've had it for several tries through dry and wet fields. Tried it and played with it in a light snow we had during November. I picked up a new trailer with it so I can haul the bigger things I used to haul in the pickup. It even handles that well. I think I have all the electronic gadgets figured out.

This weekend the roads were covered with slick snow and some ice. I went ahead and did my Christmas gift shopping. I kinda thought the weather may keep many from venturing out to the stores and where I went, I was right. The parking lots were only about a quarter full. One could walk the isles without ducking for cover because of inconsiderate people. Being not a huge fan of shopping I certainly appreciated that. The few people I did speak to were full of happiness and smiles just like me. What a relief.

I climbed up and over the mountain on the slick snow covered roads just fine. Not once, but twice in the same day. Traveled some four lane highways that were slick with snow and ice. Traveled the back roads covered with up to six inches of snow and even had to bust some small foot deep drifts on my own road. Navigated my long drive that has all the snow that has fallen with about two inches of ice underneath. That Pathfinder did a wonderful job. And that's coming from someone who drove big pickups during the winter! This thing did less spinning and handled better than any of the huge four wheel drive pickups I've owned and driven over the years. I do doubt though that it will bust through six foot snow drifts. Doubt too that I will even try.

So now that this new fangled buggy of mine has impressed me and put my mind at ease and the Christmas shopping is almost done. My thoughts are turning to my intended trip in February.

It'll be interesting to try that buggy on the highways from here in the snowy mountains of Pennsylvania to Southern Indiana where I'll spend a week or two. Then on to Nashville for maybe a day, maybe longer if I see some place I'd like to fish. Then to Chattanooga for a day or so. And then on down to see a dear old friend I haven't laid eyes on in fourteen years in central Florida where I intend to spend a week and am sure I'll do some fishing.

I've told my kids I'll be gone at “least” three weeks.
Hey, I have nothing better to do but get out and about since it's nasty and cold here during the winters. If I find places where it's a little warmer that I feel like fishing, I'll stay longer and fish. If the back gets to bothering me along the way too much, I'll just check in somewhere and stay a few days and relax.

Kinda wish I had someone to take the trip with me, but... What's meant to be will be.
I'm sure I can find people to laugh and smile with. I do that every time I'm out anyway. I'm sure I can find people to just sit and talk with along the way and hear some stories about their lives. I do that too when I'm out.

These plans are all just loose plans. If I should meet someone I'd like to hear more stories about life from I just may linger longer. If any of the people I've had the pleasure of getting to know on line who live within reason of my planned route wouldn't mind meeting me in person I just might pay them a visit.

It may get cold in the south, but it's no where near the below zero weeks we have here and I'll be more than happy to extend my trip.
What might be tough to do is return here if I hear it's still below zero cold with snow measured in feet.

And I just may have found someone, or my son has, that I can coax with a few dollars to start my garden seeds for next spring so that won't be eating on my mind while away.

Yup, there are loose plans to be made, routes to be determined and fishin waters to be seeked out.
And I'm sure many smiles to be shared along the way.

I'm not going to live forever, so why not.

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