Friday, December 20, 2013

Balls and Smiles, Give

Big balls, little balls. Hard balls, soft balls. Red balls, green balls, white balls, blue balls, pink balls. Shiny balls, fluffy balls. Whats a guy to do...

There I was searching shelves and racks for a gift I wanted to buy. Well there were two ladies looking at balls and discussing them. Holding some in their hands and remarking on them. Now tell me, how could I not laugh when one said, these balls are so soft and fluffy?

With them giving me strange looks I said, I only have old Shiny Bright balls. They too busted out laughing.

I haven't even gotten my tree and decorated it.
I did set out other decorations, did hang decorations, even my glass balls in the windows. Not the tree though.

After starting to buy at least one new glass ornament each year years ago, I'm now finding it hard to find and purchase glass ornaments. This year even Hallmark didn't have much of a selection.

Used to, when I started out, hang them in the tree. I managed to gather so many over the years that it became too much for the tree. So the old fool that I am thought how nice they would look hanging in the windows when the sun would come up and shine on them. With ornaments of clear glass and colored glass they twinkle and glisten as the suns rays shine through or reflect off of them.

Sadly I guess I may have to find a new hobby for the holidays if the stores are not going to carry them or someone doesn't start making them any longer...

Another holiday hobby I have is to buy a gift for someone I really don't know. This year a little girl who has a single mother who doesn't have a very good job but at least makes an effort, will be receiving a gift from Santa.

We can all do that.
Spread the joy by making sure some child has a toy or something that their parents just can't afford. We all know people in bad situations who have children and struggle to keep them in the things they need but really don't have the money for extras.
Heck, how much would it hurt you to spend and extra forty dollars or so to get that child a gift that will make them smile?

When I drop that gift on their doorstep, I also intend to drop off a ham and some groceries for a Christmas dinner. After all, with the store specials even a small ham and the fixens don't cost that much.

I'm not wealthy. Some months I struggle too. There have been times in my life I've had to do without or accept less than I wanted. There are times over the years that a Santa would somehow grace me. People who just helped because they saw need and poured help from their hearts.
They put a smile on may face.

Now I find that doing things like I mentioned before puts an even wider smile on my face. A warmer smile, a smile from sharing and caring.
A smile that spreads smiles to others who are having a hard time smiling.

People don't believe in Santa anymore. I say Santa lives on in the hearts and souls of all of us who are willing to put forth a little effort. Who are willing to part with a few dollars and a little time while we're already out shopping anyway.

There are people in every community who are having a tough time. Finding them is just a matter of opening your ears and listening.
Please join me.

Give one child at least one day of a year, a smile that will last in their heart for their entire life.

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