Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Come Back Santa

Just why is it so many people say they don't want to lie to their children by telling them Santa is real?

Some of those same people wear push up bras. Some wear padded bras. Some even go to a surgeon and get implants. Some have surgical procedures done to make them look younger. Is any of that real?

Some wear shoes which make them look taller. Some spend more than they can actually afford to buy fancy cars so they look well off. Some spend ridiculous amounts on clothes that make them look like something they're not. Many purchase expensive fancy jewelry to make them look like what they are not. Is that real?

At least Santa was based on fact of Saint Nicholas. He had a reputation of secret gift giving which led to the role model of Santa Claus.
That is much closer to real than people who live fake lives.

Maybe the reason we have to spend so much wasted time shopping at this time of year is because we have hurt Santa's feelings. Possibly he's sitting at the North Pole sobbing in his depression because so many people are denying his existence.


I don't like trekking to the stores over snow and ice covered roads to toil for hours to find gifts I think someone will like. I dislike the bloodsport of holiday shopping. Don't like the gladiator event of finding a parking spot and having some ignorant, I don't care about nobody but me, butthead steal that spot just as I'm about to pull in.

I disapprove of the feeling I get seeing people capable of walking take the disabled spots close to the door just because they are lazy and feel so entitled. I am disabled. Yet I know many who are much more disabled than myself. Even I don't take those parking spaces set aside for those who have not got the ability to get around well.

I for one would love to see shopping centers and malls buy their own tow trucks and hire full time employees to man them, who would tow the vehicles of those who can walk without difficulty when they park there.
Would appreciate if those ignoramuses would have to pay for the towing, the storage of their vehicles and have to pay a thousand dollar fine. The fine could go to paying for the tow trucks and employees who man them.

So maybe if we all apologize to Santa, maybe if we all leave him an extra large plate of cookies, maybe if we send him some love, just maybe he'll start bringing more gifts so I don't have to wonder out in this nasty weather to the malls to find gifts.

It's worth a try isn't it? : )

OK, I've got to start making a list now.

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